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Because they're just a little pair of awesome...

Jack and Martha that is. The more I watch DW series 3 the more I realise how Martha was indeed 'teh awesum' and how the Doctor was a fool to not have noticed. Jack being awesome is a given.

According to John Barrowman 'Jack and Martha love each other but it's not sexual' - which I like because I don't want (nor can I see her) being all flirty, girlie love interest with him. She isn't just going to fall at his feet because he flashes her a 100W grin. It's good that it goes deeper than that, not just that he fancies her. He trusts her which is a huge thing for Jack especially. He also said they share 'passion' too which obviously could lead to nekkidness. I think he (and the show) sees them how I do - there's not an instant 'hey let's jump into bed together!' but under the right circumstances you wouldn't entirely rule it out. Which means you don't ruin the show with too much UST and it gives plenty of fic fodder. All are happy.

Graphics ain't really my forte but I do like having a dabble with Animation Shop and PSP every now and again so I give you some animated icons and a wallpaper (which I think may just be my first wallpaper ever).

1024x768 (Click image for full size)


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