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Taken a few trips to the cinema in the last couple of weeks (a big shout out to Orange Wednesdays).

The Golden Compass - Beautiful to look at, well acted and seemed to get the main point across. The CGI animals were particularly praise worthy. Where they ended it was rather silly imo. I've only started reading the books due to seeing the film so it can't have been that bad although it probably sucked if you'd read the books first.

Enchanted - Loved it! A gentle piss take of Disney princess films, funny, charming and romantic. Great feel good film. The song in the park was definitely my favourite part.

I Am Legend - Will Smith carried the movie excellently (the only other actor who could have done such a thing is Tom Hanks) so major kudos to him for that. Again I believe this differs quite a lot from the source material but I've never read it so that didn't prejudice me. Good film - the scenes in the deserted New York were genuinely creepy and you could feel how alone Smith's character was. Highly unsettling. The atmosphere was only ruined by totally CGI 'Dark Seekers' - and not wonderfully good CGI at that. I really don't see why they didn't just have guys in prosthetics.

Spent this afternoon shopping with xmas money (and a fair bit of my own too!). Got:

- A pair of new fluffy boots that lace at the front so you can actually tuck your trousers into them.
- Rome series 2
- A beading book
- Hairspray (Watch this right now - how much am I loving this film!)

Well since I'm off for the annual panto tomorrow should probably go and sort some stuff out.
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