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War is noisy...

Sitting here with the bro playing Call of Duty 4 and I have come to a definite conclusion - war is noisy.


According to the little insert booklet inside the DW series 3 boxset David was writing his little part whilst he was on the way to Blackpool to switch on the lights. So whilst we were waiting in the wet listening to the Shelia's Wheels ladies and some boyband transported direct from 1996, he was driving along writing those words. Weird...

I also completed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune today. Tis insanely awesome and I really don't care it's only taken me two days. It took me that long because I couldn't put it down and like Tomb Raider Legend and Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time I can see me playing it over and over. Now I'm going to replay try to find all the treasures and get more medals for achievements. My only complaint would be that there's more combat than exploring/puzzling/platforming and that side of it is a bit easy - hope they improve that in the sequel. There was one bit that scared the crap outta me (dark corridors, things out to get you).

It's got a great Indiana Jones-esque bit at the end (don't open that chest!) but I won't ruin it for people who want to play.

Also a tiny bit in love with Nathan Drake. He's like an archaeological John Sheppard/Hans Solo mishmash. In fact he looks like a beefier Joe Flanigan. For a bunch of polygons, he's rather hot.
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