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Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday...

Actually I don't because it'd be expensive and get a bit dull but I admire their spirit....

Anyway, two things. Firstly Christmas cards. You want one, I'm more than willing to send them out - I love xmas me. Just leave me your name and address in a screened comment. This year I'm going with traditionally Christmassy Christmas.

On the Christmas wishlist side (as nicked from __kali__ amongst others...)

Step One:
- Make a post, with a list of ten holiday wishes
- If you wish for real things include your contact details
- post the rules in your journal

Step Two:
- surf the flist/random journals to find other wishlists
- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true.
- don't spend any money unless you really want too, it's not to put people out but to spread joy

The Good Karma:
1 - Adopt an animal on behalf of yourself or me from Howletts and Port Lympne

2 - Alternatively make a direct donation

3 - Or buy a help the animals kit

(I cannot tell you how much I love these zoos and how impressive their work with endangered animals are)

The Freebies:
4 - I'm bored with my current wallpaper  so I could do with a new one. With P3 coming up and the season getting under way properly now, I'm loving McKay again so anything featuring him would be fab. Either something scientific/technical looking or something a bit intricate.

5 - Funny captions on pictures (macros included)

6 - Atlantis ficlet. Not necessarily shippy, Definitely not slashy. Featuring McKay.

The 'Oh My God! You shouldn't have!'
7 - My Amazon Wishlist (which has probably mostly been cleared out by my parents and bro but there may still be stuff on it)

8 - Beading supplies. Caught the beading bug recently and any bead sets would be fab.

9 - Candles. I'm always a sucker for candles.

The 'Not Gonna Happen But It's Nice To Dream'
10 - One of the following wrapped in tinsel and nothing else: Johnny Depp, Jensen Ackles, Chris Evans (the Fantastic Four one, not the ginger one), Gethin Jones (who cares if he's a Blue Peter presenter, the guy is hot...)
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