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Today I received what amounts to the xmas pressie from my parents (well, they gave me the money and I brought it). A Creative Zen Vision - the one which is basically a video I-Pod but sooooo much better. It surely is a thing on beauty, both gorgeous and practical. Tis my new love.

On unrelated news there's a rumour going round that Futurama may be coming back - hurrah! Bender is surely one of the greatest characters ever.

Also managed to download and watch "The Long Goodbye". I really enjoyed it. Without giving away too much, I was surprised at how Sheppard/Teyla it was considering people had been saying it was all Sheppard/Weir. I liked the little side story with Ronon too - hope they come back to visit that. And is it me or does Beckett get cuter every episode?

Off now to watch the last 2 eps of Rome and finish writing my King Kong story. And then start another. Damn PJ for making another brilliant, interesting film with great characters!
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