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Top Gear - you are indeed ambitious but this week not so rubbish

Hey at least one of the cars made it over there! That was much more than I was expecting!

Best randomly hilarious bit of the show - James having an in depth discussion with himself about cheese

Best 'Jeremy is a clot' bit of the show - Jeremy eating the wrong end of the pipe

Best 'Richard injuring himself' bit of the show - Richard going overboard onto the French beach

Best 'oh crap we're dead' bit of the show - Their faces when they realised what the challenge was

Best 'we're so British' bit of the show - Richard and James drinking tea after they sank.

Best 'duck!' bit of the show - James being repeatedly hit on the head with the mast

Best 'we didn't really think this through, did we?' bit of the show - Three smoking cars travelling down to the South coast

Item James is most likely to be wearing next week - Tweed jacket with leather arm patches. It's surely only a matter of time now he has the chair and pipe
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