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Ever feel like you can't win?

My brother's got a gig tonight in Oxford. Seeing as we live in Kent this is a fair old trek but it's their first headlining job and they're getting paid loads. Because he's the only one in his band who drives, our dad is going to go up with them to take the gear and my bro's girlfriend and chum. That way the bro only has to take his band mates.

He asked me to come but that would mean leaving mum here on her own (rock music and smokey pubs are really not her thing.)

Now I'm in guilty trip city...

I feel guilty cos I'm not going to support the bro.
I feel guilty cos Dad has got a two hour drive with people he barely knows.
But I'd feel uber guilty if I left mum on her own on New Years Eve.

So I'm staying here.

And I'm going to buy some new hair straightners/curling tongs. Not exactly involved in getting rid of the guilt but playing with my hair can be a distraction.
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