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It was my brother's 23rd birthday yesterday and we decided to take a trip to London - went to the Globe theatre and the Star Wars exhibition....

First we walked down to the Globe...

I've been there before but we couldn't go because a performance was on. Have to say it's really impressive looking. Because they were rehearsing inside it we were asked not to take pictures. Using my James Bond skills though I managed to take a bit of sneaky video on my phone...

(My sneaky undercover skills are obviously better than I knew)

For the fact fiends amongst you it is not built on precisely the original site since that is 200 yards away and under a road. This was as close as they could get. It is pretty much identical to the original except for H+S reason the staircase towers are bigger and it has more doors. It is the only thatched building in London - after the Great Fire a law was passed banning thatched buildings in the city and they had to get special permission to have it. It's covered in about half an inch of flame retardant chemicals. The stage is set up exactly the same - no microphones, no lights, made of wooden and painted to look like concrete. The only lights in there are artificial daylight ones which allow them to do evening performances (which didn't happen in Shakespeare's day). I'm definitely going to see a play there - they run 3 Shakespeare plays and a couple of others by his contemporaries there during the season. They only run from May to October - obviously without a roof the bad weather plays havoc with things.

After this we walked all the way back down the river to County Hall where the Star Wars exhibition is. It's kind of like the Doctor Who one only bigger and in a posher building.

Started off in Naboo with lots of models of the city and some of Amidala's really impressive looking dresses. The amount of work that went into her frocks was unbelievable.

Pretty Dress 1

Pretty Dress 2

They had a couple of full sized props including Anakin's pod racer which my dad, mum and brother were checking out...(My brother is there honest - you can see his Converse).

Hmmm...Ewan McGregor....


Stand back a bit and it looks like a crowd at a pod race...

But up close they're just a load of cotton buds. He's a clever bloke that George Lucas.

Wookie! My brother speaks good Wookie. He felt quite at home here.

I'm assuming this thing comes apart since I doubt the roof of County Hall opens.

Naboo figher complete with R2D2 and Anakin dummy (slightly less wooden than the real actor)

Liam 'surprisingly tall' Neeson.

Just a few of the brilliant concept models on display. A serious amount of work goes into something that will never be seen on screen.

In the corridors between rooms the walls were covered in concept drawings. I had to get a picture of the cutest one of all - a wokling!

The rancor used to scare me a bit when I was a kid. Not quite so intimidating when you realise he's only 1/2 foot high...

Jabba just wants a hug.

Possibly the coolest thing there. I touched Han Solo.


Surprisingly not surrounded by groups of drooling middle aged men...

Carrie Fisher was obviously teeny tiny.

The original Dusty Bin

3PO looks mighty bling.

Like father...

Like son...

Vadar is really intimidating when you get up close to him. Especially with his rocker chain around his neck.


We had a look but there was no dent on his forehead so we don't think it was THAT stormtrooper.

What you can't see very well in the picture is that Yoda has lots of crazy old professor hair.

*Has fond memories of the Ewok cartoon*

You know considering Anakin chose to dress like this surely they should have figured out a bit early that he had evil tendencies.

As well as the displays they had a photo opportunity with the R2D2 and C3PO. There were also people in costume walk around - there's something a bit disturbing about walking out a of a room and seeing a small band of stormtroopers marching towards you. They put on a Jedi School show as well in this really old looking council chamber. The fact that the guy playing the Jedi Master was not uneasy on the eye had nothing to do with me taking some video...

Seriously, they have just about the best job in the world - what do you do all day? Well I get to pretend to be a Jedi...

They also had a thing whereby they'd dress you in Jedi robes, teach you a little fight sequence and let you fight a guy in front of a green screen before they put it on DVD. Twas very cool looking but the queue was too big and our parents too whingy about standing up (honestly! old people these days!) so we didn't bother.

Very good exhibition. Probably better than the DW one. It was meant to close this weekend but they've extended it to Jan 08. I'd definitely recommend.
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