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We've got the builders in...and they're falling through the ceiling...

For the last few days in work we've had guys in installing air con. About bloody time too since we were suffering in 40 C temperatures indoors last summer - unair conditioned computer rooms are not fun and they make all the equipment break. So we are having air con installed at the mo although we can't turn it on until the new sub station we've had built is up and running of we'll melt all our power lines.

So far the blokes have been pretty efficient. That all went pear shaped today.

Was just finishing off my final notes lesson with Year 13 when I noticed the projector was wobbling a bit. I assumed the guys were in the roof space connecting up pipes and stuff. Moments later there is an almighty crash, the titles in the suspended ceiling buckled and one of the strip lights fell down so it was hanging by his wires. As I'm sure you can imagine this was a bit of a shock to me and Year 13. Apparently one builder dude had trodden on part of the ceiling he shouldn't....Cue ten minutes of them looking ponderously at the ceiling and trying to put it back together. They managed to get the light back up but the guy has buckled a whole bunch of the supports for the ceiling tiles so now I have crazy pathing ceiling. Apparently they're going to try to fix it properly tomorrow.

Just to top off the day they also:

- For some unknown reason swapped two of the workstations round so when I asked Kevin (network manager) to go in and fix a particular station he could find nothing wrong with it and it took a while to figure out why.

- They unplugged a couple of machines in order to plug their tools in, didn't bother putting them back and then we had to search through a bird's nest of cables to figure out what they'd done.

- Decided at assembly time to use my teaching room as a dumping ground for all their stuff despite the fact I had a lesson in their next period.

- Decided it was a good idea to leave all their equipment, parts and tools unattended in the corridor over lunch. Clearly they have never worked in a school full of teenage boys before...

All in all not their finest day. The caretaker has been following them around all afternoon just to keep an eye on them. They're supposed to be starting work on my form room this evening. I fully expect to go in and find a wall missing or something and two perplexed air con guys wondering where they went wrong.

I'm thinking about investing in a hard hat until they're gone.
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