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Supernatural Fic: Silence Is Not Always Golden

Yet more challenge fic for spn_het_love. These are fun! :D

Title: Silence Is Not Always Golden
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Connect (So much of life is dependent on the way we feel; on our sense of the world around us. Write a ficlet (up to 500 words) using one of the five senses as your jumping off point. Characters, setting and timeline are all up to you.)
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Spoilers: None

Summary: Dean realises that they could do with some quiet time to themselves. Though if he’s honest he prefers it not so quiet.

Dean was a bit of a novice when it came to relationships that lasted longer than a weekend. He was happy to admit he was still learning. One thing he had discovered recently was that privacy was a definite issue when you couldn’t get any. It wasn’t easy when the vast majority of the time you were holed up in a cheap motel room with your brother and your girl.

Whilst silent hook ups behind closed bathroom doors or quickies when Sam went off to get food kept things ticking over there was a certain level of satisfaction missing.

Dean had all but burnt out the clutch of the Impala in their recent escape from a bunch of vampires and so they’d ended up at Bobby’s, Dean not trusting anyone but himself to do the repairs.

It had struck him, whilst Izzy leant against the car, catching the sun’s rays and chatting as he worked, that for the first time in over a month they were actually alone. Sam had gone to visit Sarah and would be waiting to be picked up in a couple of days. Bobby was at a car auction and wouldn’t be back until after dusk.

No point in wasting a good opportunity.

Without hesitation he’d picked her up and sat her down on the hood of the car, just over the wheel arch, his lips kissing her firmly as his hands wrapped through her hair. Her sharp gasp of surprise seemed to shoot right through him, making this want this even more.

He wondered if perhaps she’d hesitate, not really wanting to do this in a place they could be caught. It seemed from her reaction though she was as desperate for this as he was.

His hands skimmed down her body, pushing her legs apart, allowing him to move even closer as he grabbed her thighs and wrapped them around him. Already his jeans were painfully tight and she groaned as she felt him, matched by a deep one of his own as her hands moved across his groin.

The problem with silent bathroom sex he realised was just that; the silence. Sex should sound good.

Like the quiet whisper of her lips on his slick skin as she pulled his t-shirt over his head.

Or the way she hurriedly muttered ‘doesn’t matter’ when he cursed and wiped his hands on his jeans, seeing his touch leaving grimy marks on her bare legs.

There was that sharp intake of breath as his hand slid up her skirt and pushed her underwear aside, not bothering to remove it. This was followed by a sudden gasp of pleasure, punctuated by her grip tightening on his arms as he pushed a finger inside her. He moaned too, finding her warm and wet.

The sound of her undoing the zipper on his jeans so slowly was almost torture but it was rewarded by a deep groan of satisfaction as she ran her hands over him and then an even deeper one as he finally pushed into her, her heels digging into the back of his thighs.

The rhythmic creaking of the car suspension as they moved was an unexpected turn on.

The breathy moans in his ear were a more expected one but nonetheless welcome.

His favourite was the way she said his name. Needing, wanting, lustful, pleading, tender, loving...She had a remarkable ability to make those four little letters say so much with the slightest change in her voice. He responded in kind, her name on his lips a sound of worship that reached its peak with the rest of him.

The thing that made him smile though was her laughter when he held her, both coming down from their high, as gave her a tender kiss and with a cheeky grin said those words every girl wanted to hear.

“Help me polish my car?”


Tags: fic, supernatural
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