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Mood theme ftw! Supernatural ftw! Dean and Sam ftw! Soundtrack ftw! (that's a lot of win...)

What is even greater than mood theme? Why animated mood theme of course!

Courtesy of caugraphics I now have a very awesome black and white animated Supernatural mood theme. I want to try the all out but the changing moods would make me look a bit crazy so...

I've managed to watch all of season 1 and the first 8 of season 2 in the space of 3 weeks. Great show with a great stories. In contrast to my icon, I do watch it for the plot. The 'not too hard on the eyes men' are just an added bonus.

The fandom seems lovely although I'm admittedly steering clear of anything that is obviously Dean/Sam slash because not my bag... Besides, brotherly love is way sweeter and more interesting.

I love the two boys, they're such contrast in characters. Dean by far started off the most interesting (and I did start off think that Jensen was relatively short (sub 6ft at least) until I found out he's plenty tall enough, Jared's just REALLY tall) but Sam has improved a lot as the time went on.

Oh and the soundtrack? Dean has excellent taste in music! Driving down a highway in a big US gas guzzler to the tune of 'Back In Black'? Absolute class.

*fingers crossed for a third season*
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