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The Scottish Doc Is In

No, not the one that should be on as long as the footie doesn't over run. The other Scottish doc from SGA.

Two fabulous pieces of news regarding Dr Carson Beckett...

1 - It seems the old adage that no one ever really dies in sci-fi is true after all. Dr Beckett will be back. According to JM, he'll be in a two parter at the end of season 4 with a possible third episode after that and they're looking at options for season 5. Yay! First bit of good news I've heard about season 4 at all so far. I do wonder how big a part the fan response had to play. JM said that the fans don't influence story decisions but I'm not so sure they haven't been persuaded. After all, the campaign was hugely impressive (much bigger than the one supporting Elizabeth for a start).... Of course JM would never admit it though.

Anyway, we have been assured this will be a flesh and blood Carson and not some ascended being or AU person. Apparently his method of reappearance has something to do with an issue already covered at the end of season 3...Hmm....Ideas on a postcard please?

2. The actor who plays Carson Beckett, the delightfully cheeky Mr Paul McGillion is the first announced guest at P3. Can we guess who already has her ticket for P3? This deserves a 'yay' complete with Kermitt the Frog crazy arms....

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails*

I didn't think I'd be able to get up and see him at London Expo so this is certainly good news.

Now to go and will someone in the footie to score - don't care who, just someone win, okay?
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