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Following in Derek Accorah's footsteps...

There's a lot of places around and about that I haven't visited since I was a kid and quite frankly don't really remember that well. My overriding memories of Dover Castle are looking down a REALLY long well and thinking 'Yikes!' and Dad managing to trip up a wall he was jumping on to take a photo.

So yesterday me, Mum, Dad, the bro and the bro's girlfriend went off to have another look.

This was made all the funnier by the fact that we'd not long seen the Most Haunted show filmed here. Now I'm of the opinion that Derek Accorah is faker the Victoria Beckham's breasts. My brother does a stunning impression of him which makes him sound like some sort of pervert.

We went in all the places there - some of which were mentioned on the program. There's the Roman lighthouse, the Saxon castle itself, the battlements, the medieval tunnels and the Secret Wartime tunnels from which they planned and executed Dunkirk and D-Day. Guess what? Didn't see/feel a damn thing. Didn't even think it was creepy. It was VERY dark in some of the underground stuff but still nothing...Pah! Yvette Fielding you wimp! Even the kids we tried to freak out by standing in a dark hole in the wall and making weird noises were braver than her.

To be fair though we couldn't go in the underground hospital because it was closed for renovation and I imagine it may be a bit creepy down there.

Still we had a laugh and got some good photos...

An artistic shot of Chris sitting in a window, taken with the 'Backlit' option on my new, very clever camera.

Chris rocking that WWII anti aircraft gun. Yes, my brother is a bit of a poser.

The Most Unhaunted Gang (as we dubbed ourselves) on the wall outside the Roman Church. That's Hannah, Chris, Mum and Dad. You can't tell from that pic but it was very windy. Surprised they managed to stay upright for that long.

Dad walking up the tunnel that Yvette Fielding fell down. The figure in the distance is not a ghost, that's Chris racing Hannah to the top and losing pathetically.

Look an orb! Take that Most Haunted! How exactly have you managed 7 series without getting one thing on camera but I've got something first go? (Or could it just be some irritating blob ruining my picture?)

Lastly, video proof of my you never let my brother in front of a video camera. Although it is funny to freak out your whole family by letting them listen to what they really sound like. This is in the underground tower that's supposed to have the bloody ghost of a doctor in...He must've been out the day we visited...

So, biggest mystery of the day? How come I can walk around in high heel boots for hours with no ill effects but trainers leave me with swollen ankles when I get home?
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