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Fic: The Challenge of Rodney McKay

Well, I've been such a busy little bunny lately in RL that so much stuff has gone out the window, including my poor, neglected journal. I will be putting a record on here of my activities in the last couple of weeks but, in the meantime, here's the third and final part of 'The Challenge of Rodney McKay' aka 'the really smutty bit'. Now I just have to get straight to work on my McKay/Weir ficathon piece or I'll never be finished in time. There's just no rest for us shippers.

Title: The Challenge Of Rodney McKay
Rating: M+ (very!)
Pairing: McKay/Weir
Spoilers: Some minor Simon related stuff for season 2
Summary: A return journey to Earth finally gives Rodney and Elizabeth an opportunity to test the waters in their slowly flourishing relationship. Of course, Rodney isn’t the type of man who’s about to make things easy for them…

Part Three
The car came to a stop with a protesting squeal and she yanked the handbrake on hard. She’d had the vehicle for five years now and it was definitely a guilty pleasure of hers. Her secret pride and joy really and usually she took prodigious care of it. But right now she was too angry to give a damn.

Outside the rain was lashing down by the bucket load, falling in a dozen tiny rivers across the windscreen. Elizabeth reached behind her and grabbed her coat off the back seat, pulling it securely around her body before she stepped outside and hurried up to the entrance of the apartment complex. The deep puddles on the floor soaked straight into her shoes but she made no effort to avoid them, heading straight for her target with fierce determination.

Reaching the correct apartment, she prodded her finger viciously at the doorbell, letting it ring far longer than was actually necessary. The cold November rain hadn’t cooled her anger at all; in fact it only served to incense her further as it trickled down her neck. It was as though deep down that she believed that the weather was all his fault too.

When he didn’t respond immediately she hammered on the door with her fist.

“Rodney!” she snapped in an irritable tone, not caring who heard her, “I know you’re in there and I am not leaving until I’ve spoken to you! So unless you want me to drown on your doorstop I suggest you open up!”

Moments later, just when she was about to give the door another good whack, she heard the shuffling sound of footsteps and the turning of locks before the door opened. Without waiting to be invited in she shoved her way past him, striding into his dimly lit lounge and hitting his shoulder roughly as she did so. He looked annoyed at that but refrained from saying anything.

Hurriedly she shrugged her coat off with small, irritated movements, throwing it onto his sofa, not caring that she’d get it wet. She smoothed her dripping hair back, wondering why she hadn’t had the foresight to bring an umbrella. It briefly crossed her mind that she likely didn’t make the most attractive visage right now. But she wasn’t here to seduce him; she was here to throttle him for doing the stupidest thing he’d done yet.

“What the hell was that about?” she demanded, going straight to the point without her usual diplomacy or carefully constructed preamble, “Why did you leave?”

“You had a guest,” he replied, immediately put on the defensive by her manner, “You were busy.”

“’Busy’?” she snapped, hearing the implication laced in his tone and hating the way it made her gut twist, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know, you tell me,” he challenged sullenly, folding his arms across his chest, looking as petulant as only a grown man in a sulk could.

“Simon came over to apologise,” she explained in firm tones, although why she should have to do so she didn’t know. Didn’t he trust her? Did he really think she was that kind of person? Didn’t he understand how hurtful that was?

“Oh is that what you call it?” he sniped, any sense of reason he had clearly lost in paranoia. Elizabeth clenched her fists, resisting the sudden urge to shake some sense into him.

“Rodney,” she said through gritted teeth, “If you could just be a little more adult about this-“

“I didn’t think you wanted to be disturbed,” he interrupted bluntly, not willing to listen to her attempts at reason, happy to go with his own twisted logic, “You were talking.”

“So you just left without saying a word?” she asked incredulously, suddenly realising what he meant when he said he had a natural ability to repel women, “I can’t believe you’ve made me chase you all the way over here! How old are we exactly?”

“I didn’t ask you to follow me,” he snapped back, drawing up to face her head on, “The fact that I left might be some kind of indication that I didn’t want to be followed!”

“Oh stop being so ridiculous!” she exclaimed in frustration, resisting the sudden urge to back off just a little. She hadn’t realised before how intimidating he could be when he was in this kind of mood.

“Oh, so If I’m so ridiculous what exactly are you doing here?” he asked bitterly.

Elizabeth paused suddenly, her intuition kicking in with that sentence. Is this was it was all about? After all they’d been through in the last few months, after all the gentle build up to this relationship, did he really think she wasn’t totally certain about it? That she didn’t know him and his faults well enough and not give two hoots about them?

“Why are you doing this?” she asked, calmer but with a heavy sigh, shaking her head in disbelief, “You know me better than this, Rodney. If I didn’t want to be here with you, I wouldn’t be.”

He seemed determined not to listen to her reassurances however.

“Really Elizabeth,” he snorted scornfully, looking at her with the kind of distain he usually reserved for the military types who didn’t understand his techno babble, “If you think this is going to work then you’re seriously deluded. This is gonna go bad, we’ll end up hating each other and then where’s that going to leave us? Trust me; I’ve been here enough times to know how this will go. It’s best we just forget it. Atlantis needs us both too much.”

Was he trying to provoke her into smacking some sense into him?

“Oh for God’s sake, Rodney,” she said with a huff, rolling her eyes, “You are the stupidest genius I’ve ever met, do you know that?”

He looked at her darkly.

“Yes, I’m well aware of that,” he replied caustically, “But thanks for pointing it out. You know I just can’t hear enough about what an idiot I am.”

He tried to turn away from her, to storm off and effectively end the conversation, but it wasn’t the kind of resolution to this she was looking for. Instinctively she grabbed him firmly by the arm, a stormy look on her face. Without pausing to argue further, knowing her words were useless when he was in this morose state, she reached behind his head and roughly pulled his mouth down to hers, kissing him passionately. His response was almost instant, a natural reaction, the vigour of his lips causing her to moan softly against his mouth.

When they finally pulled apart she sighed, closing her eyes and resting her forehead against his, catching her breath, needing to calm herself. She could hear him breathing likewise, feel the soft evidence of it caressing her face. Then the gentle touch of his fingers on her cheek startled her out of her moment of quiet contentment and she opened her eyes to look at him.

“Does it feel like this won’t work?” she whispered softly in response to his apprehensive expression, “Does it feel like it’d be for the best to just leave it?”

Rodney shook his head and mumbled something she couldn’t make out. He wouldn’t meet her gaze.

She ran her hands up his arms and along his jaw, tilting his face to hers. He sighed heavily, but didn’t resist.

“Just stop it, alright?” she insisted in her firm, no nonsense tone, “Whatever it is you’re thinking, whatever doubts are running through that large brain of yours, forget them, okay? For once Rodney, you are definitely, absolutely, positively wrong.”

She punctuated each of her insistences which a soft kiss, caressing his face with feather light fingers. Reassuring him with each touch.

“I just…I really like you,” he admitted in uncertain, hesitant tones, “A lot. More than just because you’re pretty and smart and really sexy and can turn me on even when you’re calling me an idiot.”

Elizabeth raised a curious eyebrow at that, but he brushed it aside with a flick of his ever moving hands.

“I’ve just found from experience that I’m very good at screwing things up,” he confessed, “And I really can’t afford it to go that with you. I just….I can’t, okay?”

She may have accused him of being melodramatic at times, of looking for problems where none existed, but the current concern on his face was real enough.

“You won’t,” she promised, determination alighting her eyes, “I won’t let you. I know you Rodney McKay. Well enough to know there are good intentions there, even when that mouth of yours gets the better of you.”

She had tried to raise a smile from him with that but he was still looking at her solemnly, his hands at her waist, fingers clutching her as he was afraid that letting go would lead to something awful.

“Do you have any idea what you’re letting yourself in for?” he asked, shaking his head in genuine bewilderment.

She gave him a small, lop sided smile, her hands sliding down to rest on his chest as he pulled her comfortably closer.

“I always did enjoy a challenge.”

His fingers strolled up and down her back affectionately and a shiver ran through every last one of her delighted nerves.

“Is that what you think I am?” he asked with the smallest trace of a smile.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, “But there are some very good rewards.”

The grin did return to his face this time.

“Well you know I’m not the type to boast but-“

She whacked him on the shoulder in playful admonishment.

“Ow!” he protested. Although the fact that he was still grinning rather ruined the effect.

Elizabeth grinned too, light and mischievous, her fingers dancing across his chest, “I could kiss it better.”

“Alright then,” he replied brightly and without hesitation. Elizabeth had the feeling that he was trying to be smooth about it but he was unable to avoid the slight goofiness that came through.

Not that she minded in the slightest.

She tilted her head up to kiss him again but this time with greater intent, leaving him in no doubt of where she wished this to go.

As in most matters he seemed to be happy to follow her lead. It was left to her to pull him closer and deepen the kiss. His hands stayed firmly planted on her hips until she slid her own down and under his shirt, proceeding to draw random patterns on the skin of his stomach with her fingers. Only then did his slowly slide up in turn. Distracted by her kisses, he fumbled a little with the hem of her shirt and she smiled fondly, reaching down to untuck it for him. Any mild amusement she saw in the moment though was lost the instant he touched her. She’d forgotten how electrifying flesh on flesh could be, and even his fingers reverently skirting her lower back and stomach rapidly reignited the passion that she had begun to feel earlier in the evening.

She moaned softly, showing her pleasure, adjusting her legs so she could push against him even more firmly. As she did so she felt the growing evidence of his arousal poking into her hip, the sensation awakening something deep inside her abdomen that had been very quiet for a long time. She moved herself against him, pulling away from his kisses a moment to see his reaction. His dark, heated gaze made her feel even bolder.

Her hands slid out from under his shirt and worked their way up to the buttons, opening the top few. She pressed little kisses to his chest as she exposed the area just below the base of his neck, shivering in pleasure at the sensation of more of his skin under her lips. She trailed her mouth back across his collarbone and up his neck, feeling the trembling quivers run through him as she found sensitive areas in the most unlikely places. For the longest moment, as she kissed his lips again, he seemed frozen to the spot, so overwhelmed by it all that he was apparently unable to react.

Just as she was wondering if she was really going to have to be the leader all night, he seemed to revive from his lust induced stupor. One of his arms suddenly curled tightly around her waist, pulling her possessively towards him. That simply gesture felt good enough, but it was nothing compared to when his free hand gently moved up to her breasts and began to tenderly caress her through the material of her shirt. She sighed in deep contentment and automatically leant into his touch.

Apparently encouraged by her reaction, his fingers slowly released the buttons on the front of her blouse, working downwards, reverently skimming her skin as he did so. For a moment the reality of the situation hit her like the cold rain had. This was Rodney McKay and he was undressing her. His warm fingers were brushing against her flushed skin. How had they ever got here?

She pulled back for a moment just to look at him and he instantly stopped.

“Too much?” he asked hesitantly.

She shook her head with a warm smile which he instantly mirrored.

“No…not enough.”

Emboldened by that admission, his slightly shaky fingers moved up and delicately traced the lacy outlines of her bra. His hands enthralled her; the light movement of his fingers, the warmth he trailed across her skin. The thought that he was a practical, skilled man and the talent of his fingers may spread beyond the arena of science made her intake a sharp breath. It was instantly stolen from her again as his hands came to rest on her breasts, lightly rubbing her through the soft material, sending strong messages to other connected parts of her anatomy.

Elizabeth leant into him once more, sweeping kisses along his jaw line and nibbling lightly at his earlobe before breathlessly whispering his name next to his ear. Immediately his lips and tongue were with hers once more, the sound of her speaking his name with such want clearly fuelling the steadily growing desire in him.

She was so preoccupied with the force of his kisses that she didn’t realise at first that one of his hands had slid away from her breasts and had worked its way down to her low hipped skirt. She gasped in surprise when she suddenly felt him run a finger below the waist band, teasing the top of her underwear as he did so. He looked at her questioningly and she managed a short nod to tell him that it was more than all right for him to continue. She loved that he was so courteous and considerate of her feelings but his hesitation was driving her to distraction.

He pushed his hand down more firmly, running his finger lower and lower with each stroke. The anticipation was half killing her; she gripped his arms fiercely for support, resting her head on his shoulder and drawing her breath in small sighs. Oh yes, it had been far too long.

Teasingly, he removed his hand just before it reached its intended destination. He smiled smugly at the cross looking expression on her face. She was about to berate him, reminding him that he’d caused her enough problems tonight without being a damn tease too, when he slid his hand slowly up her thigh instead and all was forgiven. Or at least it was until he began to lightly stroke her tantalisingly close to where the rapidly growing ache for him was emanating from. As his fingers delicately swept long the edge of her underwear she let out a frustrated moan.

“Patience is a virtue,” he said with a small chuckle.

“I’m not impatient,” she purred, just about managing to keep her composure, “I’m just curious to see if you’re as talented with those fingers on people as you are with machines.”

The strong implications there finally did him in and he slowly slid his hand into her underwear, finally touching her where she desperately needed it. A shudder of heightened pleasure spiked straight through her and Elizabeth let out a moan that was a heady mixture of desire and relief. If she had any lingering doubts before about whether this was right for her and Rodney, they instantly vanished. After a few moments of delicate but indeed thorough exploration he began to stroke at her more ardently, his fingers trying different spots until he found one that made her cry out his name. By now, her heart was pounding like it was trying to break free and her every nerve seemed to be slowly going out of its mind.

Running almost on autopilot now, she adjusted her body, parting her legs a little more to allow him better access. Her assistance was rewarded a moment later when she felt his hand shift and one of his fingers teasingly circling her entrance.

Her head dropped back, her lips falling open with a wordless gasp.

When he made no further move she looked at him heatedly.

“For God’s sake, Rodney,” she half snapped, “Just stop it!”

“You want me to stop?” he asked, clearly amused.

“You know what I mean,” she growled, looking almost dangerous in her insistence.

“Lucky for you, I do.”

She was just about to berate him for being an insufferable smartass when he made his move.

As he pushed a finger slowly inside her, her hands flew back to grip the back of the sofa, afraid that if she grabbed him any more firmly she’d scar him with her fingernails. Instantly he closed the small gap this left between them, pressing his groin into her hip and rubbing against her slightly, clearly needing something himself. She would have liked to have helped him with that but as soon as he began to stroke his finger in and out of her, she could do nothing but stand there and feel. It had been too long since someone had touched her like this. Too long since she had had this kind of intimacy with someone. She hadn’t realised until now how much she had been craving it.

Just when she thought she could handle what he was doing to her with some hint of self control, a second finger joined the first and his thumb began to rub at her, and she was overwhelmed once more.

“Oh God, you feel incredible,” he murmured heatedly, “Soft, warm, wet…”

Her knees almost buckled to hear those words from his lips. She should have expected it really; Rodney was a talker whatever the situation.

Elizabeth was moaning almost constantly now, her breath coming in desperate gasps, heat everywhere. His free hand was at her face, tenderly caressing her cheek. He kept planting light kisses on her lips and whispering how beautiful and amazing she looked, how he loved to hear her speak his name like that.

She wished it could last, but her body had been starved of this for too long and gave in much sooner than she would have hoped. Just on the very urge of utterly falling apart she cried out his name, a gasping sob torn from her lips. She half collapsed in his arms as the waves inside her broke down, trying to smother her in their intensity. She could feel herself trembling uncontrollably, could feel all the heat and pleasure and adoration for him her body seemed capable of. It was only as it died away that she realised that his arms were around her, holding her close to his body and steadily on her feet.

She shook her head in amazement as the connections in her mind slowly re-gathered themselves to some semblance of coherence.

“Oh Rodney,” she whispered, “I…”

She trailed off, still shaking her head.

He smiled warmly, “Lost for words, hmm? That’s gotta be a first.”

True, she really didn’t know what to say. How could she possibly describe it? How could she put into words how amazing it felt to have this after so long? And to have it with someone who, deep down, she felt connected to in a way she rarely had with others. From the moment they had met she had just ‘got him’, and he seemed to have instantly picked up on that fact. They’d always been close, even though they never said a thing about it; they just knew and accepted that that was how it was. And now, when what was between them was so much more blatant than before, she couldn’t describe what it meant to her. Her job and position on Atlantis often left her feeling rather isolated from the others under her command. That was the way it had to be really; to do her job successfully she needed to keep some level of formal detachment. As much as she relished her job and as much as being a good leader meant to her, it left part of her feeling hollow. The part that Rodney’s presence seemed to rapidly starting to occupy.

She returned his smile with a mischievous twinkle, “Maybe. But just sometimes I find that actions speak louder than words.”

Without warning she slid one of her hands down and gentle massaged it across his groin, delighted to feel him harden further under her touch, to feel his hips jerk towards her instinctively. He been particularly selfless up until now and Elizabeth always believed in playing fair. Besides it was time for a little payback.

“Whilst I hate to bring out an old cliché,” she said, still stroking him, equal parts amused and aroused by the lusty, glazed expression taking over his features, “Shall we take this somewhere a little more comfortable?”

He gave her a broken nod, glancing towards something behind her.

“Bedroom,” he half choked.

She turned to see the door he had indicated, before looking back at him with a broad smile. Grabbing his hand she led him along to the aforementioned room. Not that he needed much encouragement to follow her; he’d have cheerfully walked off a cliff after her right now if that’s where she’d headed. Although, she realised, he probably would usually anyway – he’d just moan about it a lot more.

His bedroom was far tidier the lounge was and she had the sneaking suspicion that he didn’t stay in here much even when he was on Earth. She could just imagine him coming home and crashing in front of the TV, falling asleep on the sofa with some junk food he’d been munching on still clasped in his hand.

It was clear from the décor that no previous girlfriend had been around long enough to give the room a woman’s touch. It was a typical guy’s bedroom; sparse, plain and practical. She wondered for a moment about the lack of personal items before remembering the things that adorned the walls of his room on Atlantis. It looked like he had taken everything that meant something with him. Did he even think of Earth as his home anymore? Or was Atlantis some kind of totally fresh start?

Realising that she was over analyzing things at the expense of the moment, and that Rodney was staring at her rather oddly, she refocused her mind on the here and now.

Returning to stand in front of him, she kept her eyes firmly locked on his as she finished her handiwork of earlier and undid the rest of the buttons of his shirt, sliding it from his shoulders. She ran her hands over him in exploration, lightly pinching his nipples and bending in to soothe them with her tongue, grinning at his sharp hiss of pleasure. Reaching behind herself, she unhooked her bra and shrugged it off her arms, dropping it to the floor. She smiled warmly at his attempt to cover up his instant reaction of wide eyed gawping. It’d been a while since anyone had looked at her like that. It was good to be just a woman again.

Taking one of his hands in hers, she spent a moment gently skirting his fingers before she brought it up and placed it onto her breasts. He gently squeezed her and Elizabeth momentarily closed her eyes at the new feeling of him touching her like that.

She opened them again just in time to see his lips descending upon hers once more as he caught her in a searing kiss, beginning to rub his thumb over her nipple so it jumped to his touch. She allowed him to explore her for a long moment before her hand slid back down to his groin. As he continued to expertly fondle her breasts she fumbled a little with his zip, her mind distinctly elsewhere. Eventually she got it open though and slid her hand inside, immediately freeing his erection to a relieved sigh from his lips. That quickly turned into a low groan when she began to stroke him. When she finally ran her fingers over his most sensitive areas his knees buckled momentarily and almost gave way.

“Elizabeth,” he gasped, swallowing hard, “I think I need to be a man about this and take it lying down.”

She laughed lightly at that and with a gentle shove pushed him back so he sat down heavily on the bed behind them. Deciding to take advantage of the moment, Elizabeth quickly kicked off her shoes and worked on the zip of her skirt, letting it slide to the floor, pushing her knickers off after it.

She found it incredible how she could stand in front of him utterly naked and not feel at all self conscious.

She walked forward a few paces to stand between his parted legs. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, trailing kisses across her stomach, sweeping his tongue over the contours of her abdomen. Sitting up a little straighter, his mouth wandered up to her breasts, sucking and licking at each nipple in turn.

She took some time to enjoy his ministrations, to marvel at how quickly he learnt her favourite spots and used them to his advantage. Then, wishing to turn the tide once more, she slid her hands down and into the back of his trousers, squeezing his backside.

“Lie down,” she ordered.

He did so and then obediently lifted his hips as she pulled off his trousers and pants in one movement. Tossing them aside, she suddenly realised that she found his thighs inexplicably erotic. Kneeling down so she could bend over him, she ran her hands up and down them, feeling the muscles tense and twitch at first before relaxing as they became accustomed to her touch. It was only then that she replaced her hands with her tongue. She swept it right up, stopping just short of the optimum destination.

Glancing up to see Rodney’s reaction, she must’ve given away something of her intention in her eyes because he immediately spoke.

“Oh God, Elizabeth,” he groaned in a strained tone, “Don’t…”

She raised an eyebrow and giving him a playful smile.

“You really don’t want me to?”

“Well of course I want you to!” he cried in exasperation, “I just don’t think it’s such a good idea.”

Her smile broadened.

“Let’s see, shall we?”

She started out very gently, not wanting to test the limits of his tolerance quite yet, simply running her tongue over the tip of his erection. Her hands were pressed firmly down on his thighs to prevent him for involuntarily thrusting forward too far and she felt the muscles tense beneath her fingers as he let out a deep guttural groan of satisfaction. Next, she ran her tongue up the entire length of him, this time feeling his hips jerk slightly in response. Finally she took him as fully into her mouth as she could and she was delighted see him press his head firmly back into the bed, his bodying arching towards her and a look of utter bliss on his face as he groaned out her name. It was an incredible sight, and one which she doubted she would ever get tired of seeing. She began to suck and lick at him, careful not to push him too far. His hands slid to entwine in her hair, encouraging but not forcing her. After a few moments she glanced up to look at him and caught him watching her, the instant of eye contact causing her name to tumble from his lips once more.

Shifting her body slightly so that she still had him under her control, she removed one of her hands from his thighs and gently began to caress his balls with her fingertips. Her reward was another deep groan of approval and a declaration of how good she was. Then her fingers moved back a few inches to that highly sensitive area of skin and she began to stroke him there instead. Almost instantly his breath was out of control and he was writhing beneath her. She continued for just a few seconds before stopping, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stand that for long.

Pulling away from him, she climbed up onto the bed beside him, lying next to him and stroking his chest. She gave him a long moment to recover, his breath still coming in pants.

“Are you trying to kill me?” he asked incredulously as he eventually began to regain control once more.

She smiled, “Of course not. You’re still needed.”

“See?” he grinned in response, “I knew you wanted me desperately.”

“I was talking about Atlantis needing the great Dr McKay,” she innocently countered, her fingers rubbing over his nipples.

“Oh really?” he scoffed.

Without warning, he rolled over on top of her and kissed her thoroughly, the weight of his body pressed on hers inexplicably sending her bran into overdrive. It almost shut down entirely as he moved down her body and began to kiss her lower abdomen.

Then she gasped loudly as without hesitation or teasing build up his fingers parted her and his tongue pressed against the tiny bundle of sensitive nerves that was aching almost painfully by now. Her hands wrapped in his hair as he alternately licked and sucked at her, occasionally pressing his tongue inside her just to hear the difference in her moans. Quite a few of the men she’d been with had needed some coercion into doing this. The fact that he did it without suggestion was another big plus point on his side.

Elizabeth writhed heatedly as every skilful movement of his tongue seemed to jolt her right to the core. He certainly knew what he was doing, she had to give him that. She had just reached the point of no return when frustratingly he stopped and clambered up her body once more.

“You taste incredible,” he muttered huskily, kissing her very thoroughly as if to make his point.

“You feel better,” she returned, running her hands up and down his back, parting her legs a little more and wiggling beneath him as an encouragement for him to get on with it. He couldn’t just get her going like that and then expect her to exhibit any patience.

He seemed to get the hint as he shifted his body and she felt him pressing against her entrance, her breath catching in anticipation. She hadn’t realised until now how very much she wanted this. How much she wanted him.

Slowly he trailed a finger up her waist and over the swell of her breast.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said, shaking his head as though he couldn’t quite believe this was happening to him.

“Rodney!” she scolded in frustration, pleased by his compliments but too turned on to wait much longer, “Would you just…”

She trailed off. There were very few times when she couldn’t find the right words but a sudden shyness took her. She had never been much of a talker during sex. She was always more of a doer.

Rodney, it seemed, had other ideas.

“Just what?” he asked with a smug grin, a single finger circling one of her nipples.

“Just do it!” she huffed.

His smile broadened, “Do what exactly?”

Despite their position, Elizabeth found herself blushing at the idea of saying it out loud.

One of his hands linked with hers, his lips floating kisses over her mouth.

“Just say it,” he whispered encouragingly, “I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you want.”

“You,” she said quietly, a little uncomfortable under the heat of his adoring gaze.

His hips shifted and she felt him push into her slightly.

“Oh God…” she groaned, squeezing her eyes shut tight at the sensation, her inhibitions suddenly gone, “I want you in me.”

“All you had to do was ask,” he said with a slight chuckle.

His lips pressed softly against hers again, but she barely felt it, her brain fixated on the feeling of him slowly pushing into her until their hips met. He lay still for a moment and she opened her eyes to see a look of total bliss plastered across his features. When he made no move to continue, she rocked her hips slightly, a shocked expression flying onto his face at the sensation.

“Sorry,” he muttered, “Got a little lost there.”

She smiled warmly.

She about to tell him that was just fine when he began to move and her voice was stolen, except to give the most base sounds of pleasure. He pushed in and out of her in long, slow, deep strokes, nothing like she would have expected of him. He was usually so frantic, so overwhelming full of energy she thought this was going to be quick and hard. But this way was so much more to her liking.

She wrapped her legs around him as the slow build up of pleasure began to take her over. The small conscious part of her brain was still amazed that she was making love to Rodney McKay, but that was virtually silenced by the rest of her saying how wonderfully this felt.

Elizabeth was so used to having to think of ten dozen things at once, to having an awareness of all that was around her, that it was odd suddenly not to know anything but him. All there was was the feel of his skin, the sensation of him inside her, the smell of him, the sound of his groans and his increasingly incoherent words. All see could see was the slight sheen of perspiration on his body and the way his muscles moved so fluidly as he slid in and out of her. There was a power and grace there she had never seen in him before, and it made her grip him even more possessively, determined that no one but her would ever see this of him again.

She so needed this; not just the physical release but the mental one too. She needed to forget that the universe and its problems existed for a while and think of just herself and the man she was rapidly falling for.

What with all that had gone before she knew that this couldn’t last long. They were both already too wound up to exhibit much self control. Rodney’s thrusts were hurriedly losing their co-ordination and care as instinct took over and he kept repeatedly saying her name and how good she felt. Wanting for him to feel this properly, her hand snaked down between them and she began to rub firmly at herself. As soon as he saw, he groaned deeply.

“Oh yes, keep doing that,” he encouraged, clearly turned on further at the sight of her.

Moments later, the combination of his thrusts and her own fingers did her in. Throwing her head back, gripping his body hard, she came with a sobbing moan, feeling herself squeezing around him as she cried out his name.

“Elizabeth!” he cried, gasping for breath, sounding like he had half gone out of his mind, “Oh, Elizabeth, I can feel you.”

She just regained her senses enough to feel him shake uncontrollably and then the warm rush inside her as he reached his release, repeating her name like a mantra as he did so. Then he collapsed forward, panting hard, running his fingers across her still heated and damp skin.

Elizabeth lay there, content to bask in the warmth glow of the aftermath until he raised himself up on slightly shaky arms to smile down at her, gently brushing his fingers across her cheek.

“Elizabeth Weir,” he said in mock surprise, “I do believe you’re blushing.”

“I am not blushing,” she protested firmly.

“I never thought you’d be prudish either.”

“I am not prudish!” she replied, a little outraged at the suggestion. Especially considering all that had just happened.

He laughed slightly, “So you can happily do oral sex on a man but if he asks you to say a few dirty words…”

She scowled at him slightly, “Do you ever shut up?”


She shook her head, rolling her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” he said with a grin, “I’ll have you talking dirty in no time.”

She smiled in unashamed satisfaction, running her hands across his backside, “Keep going like that and you just might.”

He leant in to kiss her briefly.

“So then….?” he asked when he pulled away.

“’So then’ what?”

“That means I’m the best, right?”

She whacked him on the shoulder and he laughed, rolling off of her.

Elizabeth turned onto her side, propping herself up on her elbow, trailing her fingers across his chest and down his abdomen whilst he looked at her contentedly.

“It would be unfair for me make a conclusion yet,” she said in all seriousness after a thoughtful pause.

He looked at her questioningly.

“Well you’re the scientist, Rodney,” she reasoned with a grin, “What do I need to make an informed decision?”

He frowned at her for a moment before raising an eyebrow in realisation.


“Well done,” she said, moving her hand dangerously low once more.


Elizabeth had never needed an alarm to get on time, nor was she one to lie around in bed once she was awake, but when she blearily opened an eye and saw that her meeting was due to start in just over an hour she briefly wondered if she could go back to sleep and pretend she’d forgotten. Couldn’t the new medical personnel have their initial briefing later? Couldn’t Carson do it by himself? Did they really need to meet her just yet? It hardly seemed fair that she had to go when it was so shockingly comfortable lying in Rodney’s arms. At the moment she was quite content with being Elizabeth Weir, girlfriend of Rodney McKay. As much as she loved her job, she wasn’t quite ready to go back to being Elizabeth Weir, leader of Atlantis just yet. But, as usual, duty called and her sense of responsibility wouldn’t let it go ignored.

With a deep, regretful sigh, she raised her head off of Rodney’s chest, rolling her eyes at him lying there still oblivious to the world and gently snoring. Seemed like she’d tired the poor boy out. The thought made her grin slightly. She may only have had three hours sleep but it had been more than worth it. Who’d thought he’d be so damn good?

Still grinning like an idiot at the memories, she got up, picking Rodney’s shirt from the floor and shrugging it on. A quick cup of coffee and she’d have to drive home, get changed and hurry back to the mountain. With any luck she could be out of there by lunch time and be back him to surprise him whilst he was still in bed. Although he often went for days without hardly any sleep when a crisis was afoot, once he was in bed he was always remarkably reluctant to get out; a trait which she realised may work to her advantage here.

Having found a clean mug in the kitchen and some coffee which wasn’t horribly past its best before date, she was just patiently waiting for the kettle to boil when she was surprised to hear padding footsteps in the lounge. Maybe he wasn’t so sound asleep after all. Or just maybe some subconscious part of him and noticed she was no longer there and it had woken him up in order to find her. The idea that it may be the latter warmed her greatly.

She turned from the counter just in time to see Rodney walk in, wearing just his boxer shorts and dishevelled hair. She instantly flushed. What was he trying to do? Make her even later than he already was?

Crossing the room, he kissed her rather chastely on the cheek and then shooed her to the table, saying that she was his guest and he should make the coffee. Even though she pointed out that pouring hot water on granules hardly counted as making it.

“You know,” he said, as he sat down opposite her, handing her a mug, “I didn’t exactly apologise for what I did to you.”

She looked at him curiously.

“For leaving like that,” he clarified, before suddenly looking worried, “Unless you think I should be apologising for something else.”

Elizabeth couldn’t hide the satisfied grin, nor ignore the pleasant tingle that went through her at the memory.

“Oh no, not at all.”

He smiled slightly smugly at that.

“Just on occasion I can be an idiot,” he admitted, “Thought I’d warn you now.”

“Actually I already knew that.”

He snorted a laugh and nodded in agreement.

There was a short pause.

“So how exactly do we tell everyone on Atlantis about us?”

He tried to say it in an offhand manner, like he was just making conversation, but she instantly picked up on his nervousness. To be truthful she hadn’t even considered that yet.

So far their relationship had been in that grey area between being good friends and being something more. Last night had certainly pushed it firmly into the ‘something more’ camp. Spending the occasional quiet evening together had been something they had managed to keep to themselves but, she realised, if they went back and continued sleeping together it was probably not going to slip by unnoticed. And she had no intention of giving him up just to avoid the Atlantis rumour mill.

“We don’t,” she eventually said in answer to his question, brushing it aside with a light shrug.

He frowned.


“We just let them figure it out for themselves,” she explained, instantly working to soothe the concerns she knew would be forming in his head, “I think we’re entitled to a private life, don’t you?”

“Well,” he said hesitantly, “Yeah, but…”

“I’m not ashamed of you Rodney,” she said in mild exasperation, “If that’s what you think.”

“I wasn’t-“

“Yes, you were,” she interrupted with a lopsided smile, “I told you, I know you Rodney McKay.”

Still he looked thoughtful.

“Look, If it bothers you that much,” she said, catching his expression, “I suppose I could put a memo out. Or you could take me across briefing room table, that oughta get the message across loud and clear, don’t you think?”

His eyes immediately widened. “And now I am never going to be able to look at that table again….”

She grinned, “Well now you know how I’m going to feel every time I see you doing anything with your fingers.”

He smiled broadly in return, leaning across to kiss her quickly, pulling away before desire got the better of him.

“You’d better go,” he insisted, “You’re starting to give me ideas. Especially wearing that shirt…”

She frowned in bewilderment, “This does it for you?”

“Yeah, I know,” he sighed, “I need help.”

Elizabeth shook her head in fond amusement, planting a quick kiss on his cheek as she got up and took the mug to the sink, “Well, be a good boy and might wear it for you later.”

She was just getting ready to leave the room, wondering if she could recall where all her clothes had ended up, when his slightly nervous voice called her back.


She turned, “Yeah?”

“Before you go, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

She watched him with wide eyed curiosity as he got up and walked to the back of the room. He opened the door to the small utility area and instantly out sauntered a tabby cat which scooped up into his arms and brought over to her.

“Elizabeth,” he said with a nod, “Meet Newton.”

She smiled, stroking the cat under the chin and feeling him immediately purr. It seemed that, just like his master, stroke him in the right place and he was anyone’s.

“He’s sweet,” she said, rubbing the cat affectionately behind the ears, “I’m more of a dog person myself but…”

Rodney immediately covered the Newton’s ears up, “Do you mind not saying the d-word!”

She blinked at him.

“He had a bad experience once.”

“With a dog?”

“Elizabeth!” he scolded.

He left the room, shaking his head and taking Newton with him, muttering something about half witted canines who couldn’t take care of themselves and that man’s best friend should be something that didn’t spend half its time sniffing other creatures butts.

Elizabeth smiled to herself.

Yes, Rodney was a challenge. But she was more than certain she was up to it. And that it would be very, very worth it.
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