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Primeval half term report...

So it's about half way through the series and how's it going?

Well it's gone up from being ' a bit crap and CBBC really' to 'ah, this might have potential' so that can't be too bad. The last couple of episodes have had some more tension in them and that has worked in the show's favour. There's actually a sense of danger now which was missing before.

Douglas Henshall is still great and, too go down the shallow route, gets better looking with age. He's worth tuning in for every week alone.

The character Connor is an irritating twat played by a rather poor actor who gives geeks a bad name. I'm hoping that the end of season twist is him getting eaten.

Oh and note to the writers - I don't care how warm it is in their flat, or how hot you think she is, no normal girl goes and answers the door in her knickers and then proceeds to stand outside on what is essentially a main road.

It's been picked up for a second series so we'll see what improvements they make.
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