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I'm famous-ish!

Months back the editor of Outpost Gallifrey asked for the views of some time_and_chips readers to put into a book. Now that book is out, entitled 'Back To The Vortex' and much to my delight I'm quoted in there!

Apparently I said:

The key for the new and growing fandom was the intense personal bond shared between the Doctor and Rose Tyler. ‘The relationship between the Doctor and Rose, for me, is just the icing on the cake,’ said Lara Pascoe, who runs a popular LiveJournal community called Time and Chips devoted to the series and its ‘shipper’ fans. ‘The chemistry and the scenes between them really drew me in and made me think this was a Doctor/companion relationship that could be deeper than the ones we had seen before.’ Many of the site’s users agreed: ‘I think the idea was that these two were supposed to be close,’ wrote Paul Guest. ‘I initially started watched not only due to the fact I remembered the show as a child,’ said Helen Jones, ‘but also because I’d seen some of the promo interviews that had been done and was really interested in the idea of the relationship between Doctor/Rose, especially upon hearing Chris say it was a love story.’ ‘It was pure entertainment at its best,’ wrote Claire Thompson. ‘What first got me hooked was the imaginative plots and fun storylines. What keeps me hooked is the unfolding relationship between the Doctor and Rose. Seeing how these two very different beings can find common ground and how the Doctor has changed now he is the last of his kind and alone in the universe. It’s just fascinating.’

*fangirlish squee*

This is my second brush with fandom fame after doing the commentary for the Red Dwarf dvd... *grins*

All I need to do now is become a world famous author in my own right :)
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