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Cow + Roof = teh win!

Seriously, I don't think I've seen a funnier sight than Clarkson driving over the horizon with a cow attached to the roof of his car. Last time I laughed so hard was the mini flying down the ski ramp.

Classic TV.

Speaking of TV, I really need to watch the whole of first series of Supernatural as well as Heroes. I'd quite like to see Prison Break at some point too. Oh and catch up on nearly all of season 10 of SG-1. Of course I have to acquire all these shows first...

Thank god I gave up watching Lost!

Also I was a bit disappointed by the snubbing Casino Royale got at the BAFTAs. It was a brilliant film, brilliantly acted but it seems like being a Bond film means it's not quite as worthy of awards in the eyes of some...pity...
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