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Yay! Half term!

For the first time in a month I've managed to get a proper, full night's sleep and have a lay in. Hurrah!


Most unintentionally hilarious headline of the week goes to:

Branson offers space trip to McFly
Richard Branson tells boyband McFly that he wants to send them into space.

So clearly he's not a fan either....Although that's a rather extreme way of getting them to stop releasing records.

And talking of unintentionally hilarious things...

Primeval. So much potential wasted by dumbing it down and making it too kiddie friendly. They needed to add more tension, not just show the dinosaur two seconds into the show. If it was me I'd have added a proper sense of danger by actually having the dino eat someone (I would have gone for the disposable kid myself).

On the bright side though Douglas Henshall is always a 'yay!' and it wasn't as mind crushingly stupid as Prehistoric Park ('wooden-sodding-fences!?!?!?!?!?!?!).

Finally, Kyran Bracken was 'teh awesum'  on DOI. He's definitely my fave.

Be back soon with a ficlet I've been persuaded to write about Chuck. I call it a Chucklet.
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