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That's one lucky little Hamster

Well he looked a bit thinner than normal (although the increase in exercise and lack of beer seems to be a contributing factor to that) but was in remarkably pragmatic mood.

Being an F1 fan I'm used to watching some big, high speed crashes - even a fatal one or two. I've seen one happen in front of me at Brands when someone in the A1 GP came down the hill, was clipped by another car and rolled across the gravel trap in front of us. He ended up upside down in the gravel, stuck there until the stewards could get over and upright him so he could get out...

This was...odd to watch. Probably because Richard was sitting there talking us through it. No getting away from it - he nearly died. My first reaction was rather clinical on seeing it - good job there was a wide open space so he didn't whack into anything. The more I think about it, the more odd it is though. I can't really explain it...It just didn't feel right. Maybe it was the fact that they were taking something seriously for once and being genuinely concerned for one another rather than the blokey taking the piss.

Still, Richard was incredibly pragmatic about it which is good. Hope they stick to what they said now and don't mention it again. There's more to the show and to Richard than the crash. Let's put a line under that and move on now.

And on the bright side, them laying the road was hysterical...If only we could get them down here to do the M20 Jct 10 roadworks.
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