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Some things from having seen POTC2 again...

Okay, having seen it a second time I managed to notice/confirm some things I've seen others pointing out...

There's a few very interesting things about the first scene in Tia Dalma's hut that are worth watching out for if you haven't already seen them.

1. Jack spends a few moments looking very curiously at a black hat with Ostrich feathers - just like Barbossa's.

2. There's a very brief shot of the monkey standing in an adjacent room (whilst she is looking for Jack's jar of dirt) where you clearly see him sitting next to a pair of boots. A pair of boots that are sticking up in the air as though someone's feet are in them and the monkey whimpers. Looks like she keeps certain pirate captain's dead bodies/newly reanimated ones in her spare room...

3. When Jack steals an object off of the table, lying next to it is a locket with the same heart motiff as on Davy Jones' music box (presumably owned by the woman he cut his heart out over).

That's such a great little scene already but those little extras make it very interesting...
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