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More reasons to love Johnny Depp...

A couple of bits from the empireonline interview that made me squee...

Johnny, was the second movie as fun to make as the first? And how many more of Jack’s adventures can we expect?
Depp: As long as the story is there, as long as all the elements are there, why not? I’d be happy to keep going. I just very selfishly enjoy playing the character. I love playing the guy. Purely because it’s fun, nothing more you know. Acting’s never been about counting money in a back room for me. So, if these guys wanted to continue on, on this same ride, if everything was in the right place and the story was good, I’d stay on the ride for sure. I’m surprised they pay me for it, actually…

Do you leave your characters on the set, or do you occasionally practise things at home?
Depp: Well, I sit down and play Barbies with my kids from time to time — we all do, we can freely admit we play Barbies — and it’s a great way as an actor to experiment with voice and things. I start to assume characters and my daughter will just sort of go, “Umm, papa, could you just, sort of…do your regular voice?” There was only one time when she was totally taken aback — when I was trying to find the voice of Willy Wonka. She stopped and said, “Who’s that?” I said, “I think it’s Willy Wonka”, and she said, “I like it.”

Do you miss your characters once they’ve gone?
Depp: Absolutely. There is always that certain time that arrives when the clock starts ticking and then you have to say goodbye. Though it sounds horribly silly for a middle-aged man to admit, I do go through a kind of decompression. You miss these guys. You know you’re never going to see them again in that capacity, you won’t look at them again. They may rear their ugly heads with me, every now and again, when I go into one of my Barbie jags, but you don’t get to play them again. I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to Jack Sparrow. (To Bruckheimer) Hint, hint.

Jerry, are you thinking beyond the third film?
Bruckheimer: Yes we are. We’re hoping to continue the series of films. Audiences seem to love it and we love making it so hopefully we’ll get the same team back together again and make another one. Everybody seems to have enjoyed making the second one as much as the first one so we’ll have everybody back and have some fun again.

Three things:

1. Johnny playing Barbies with his daughter and doing all funny voices is just precious.
2. He REALLY loves Captain Jack, doesn't he? I love how he's hinting to Jerry about wanting to do a fourth. You can tell he's having an absolute ball.
3. THEY'RE SERIOUSLY LOOKING AT DOING A 4TH FILM!!!!!!!! Obviously considering the mega business this one has done it wasn't out of the question. I suppose it was mainly a matter of getting Johnny to agree. They can cope without Orlando and Keira if need be (although to be honest I think they'd come back if asked), but Johnny was obviously the key one. And if they can do 4 Shrek films, why not 4 POTC ones? I really don't think Bruckheimer would talk so openly about it if they weren't really serious.
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