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So the rest of my busy weekend...

And the rest of the post I was too lazy to write decided was too long...

gnimaerd had wandered her way down from Scotland (apparently she missed us or something :p) so several of us met up in London for more shenanigans. I met her and kepp0xy at the station and then we headed off to go skating with dinosaurs. Well, skating at the Natural History Museum. TFL tried to stop us by shutting Kings Cross tube, but we thwarted them by understanding the bus system and making our way there.

gnimaerd and I went skating whilst kepp0xy took pictures (and smiled at random strangers), before getting bored of us being amazing and not falling over and went inside. gnimaerd and I meanwhile caught up with some chatting, which was nice, and solved the current stress issue in the country by designing the soap box system to be placed outside parliament (which I needed after this week).

fly_to_dawn and such_heights met us then so we could go wander around the dinosaurs.I impressed kepp0xy with my dino knowledge and we all decided that a mash up of Katie McGrath's new film and Jurassic Park would be awesome ("I'm trying to cook Christmas dinner and there's dinosaurs in the kitchen!"). I also learnt that the iguandon was in fact a ninja assassin. I will NEVER look at it the same way again.

After a quick visit to the giant sloth we decided to head back the kepp0xy's. This journey involved writing two epic AUs of Merlin (one where everyone was dinosaurs, one where Merlin and Gwen ran off together and Morgana had Eleanor and Vivianne round to spring clean Disney princess style and get her out of black). We also went through all the t-rex dilemmas - all the things that t-rex can't do because of his tiny little arms. This is why he's so angry people! It is now a fabulous Tumblr which everyone should check out.

la_esmerelda joined us in the evening for wine, pizza and watching Merlin. An episode that made us all either angry, upset or upset and angry because Arthur was such a dick and was too involved in his own manpain to care about what he was condemning Gwen to. The show didn't even acknowledge this although I can't say I'm surprised...

Anyway, we all ended up in a heap on the floor until 11:30 and then headed off to where we were staying (me with gnimaerd in a surprisingly comfy single bed but with irritatingly noisy European tourists).

Next day I met up with kepp0xy and fly_to_dawn for breakfast hunting and then wandering around Foyles going 'I WANT ALL OF THIS'. I got off both of them though some good book recommendations which I've added to my 'to read' list. Then we left Foyles because they failed in being able to actually sell anything due to their whole system going down.

We had lunch in Wahaca with gnimaerd and la_esmerelda and ate nice mexican food, admired their spa like toilets, met the campest host ever and laughed at la_esmerelda's attempts to draw dinos. Seriously, where she put the horns on the triceratops was classic. We then popped back to Foyles so books could be brought and I introduced la_esmerelda to 'Go The F*ck To Sleep'. Can't believe she hasn't seen that working in a kid's bookshop... :D

More wandering around London ensued, more berating the fail of Merlin on many issues and we ended up at the nice Christmas market on the Southbank. We rode the carousel. Me horse was called Herbert which clearly makes him the best. Even if we came second behind kepp0xy. Can't figure out how she won...

By then I was REALLY damn cold. To the point of bad pain in my hands and wrists so it was off home before I completely stopped being able to function. Many, many hours of sleep under a giant duvet later and I was much better.

So, all in all, good but tiring weekend. It reminded me just how much I don't like being outside when it gets much below 10C.
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