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I'm not allowed to release spoilers or they'll send the dragon after me

Saw the Merlin premiere last week however since they asked us not to leak details on the internet I won't be except for the following non-specific things:

- The whole show looks dark and epic.
- Morgana looks incredible and she's still my fave by a long way.
- Gwen/Lancelot has so much more sexual chemistry for me than Gwen/Arthur
- Gwaine is full of lols
- Not as funny though as Percival's arms. I have never seen a man 'arm act' like that before. (kepp0xy and I will not be able to watch any of his parts in the rest of the series without laughing)
- Arthur remains the worst judge of character known to mankind and Merlin continues its tradition of random relatives appearing from no where.

Apart from the episode being very good (we only saw one because they just finished that at 14:30 on the day they were showing it to us), I got to see gnimaerd, la_esmerelda and kepp0xy again, all of whom are just as lovely and fab as ever. During the Q&A myself and gnimaerd had a wonderful miming convo with Katie and Angel whilst they were on stage (we were in row 2). Those girls know who their fans are. :D We were 'talking' about the dolls that I made for gnimaerd's birthday which looked like this:

That's Morgana's season one promos outfit and Gwen's date with Arthur season 3 outfit.

I got to ask a question in the Q&A again this year but I can't say what yet because it would also be a spoiler. Needless to say, I was very happy with Katie's answer. That woman understands her character so well and is completely on side to showing her motivations and her softer side.

After the showing we didn't bother hanging out for autos (there was no proper signing and the cast were going back to Cardiff for filming). Instead we went and drank, ate and giggled until we all had to part ways.
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