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So I'll be over here freaking out for the next 48hrs...

George went back to the vets today. The lump kept going up and down so he decided to do a fine needle aspirate to take some of the material and test it. Piggie was back with us a couple of hours later with a swollen lump where it had been prodded, but otherwise fine.

Vet phoned back this afternoon to say they'd found some precancerous cells in it and basically he recommeded having it removed. George is going in on Thursday morning.

I'm concerned, of course I am, because of the anaesthetic. He's young and fit and the lump is easy to get up but still... I mean, if it doesn't come out he's got no chance and this will develop and kill him so it's better to do it now whilst he's well. Mum is so upset though. She really adores that guinea pig.

The fact that SHE'S so upset is upsetting me more than anything. I really don't want to get a phonecall from the vets telling me he didn't make it and I have to tell her.

It's also playing havoc with my anxiety. It was originally triggered by situations I couldn't control (two car accidents) and so worrying about something that I can do absolutely nothing to help is really bad for me. I feel bloody awful at the moment quite frankly and am desperately trying to find ways to take my mind off it.
Many people have reassured me that I'm doing the right thing and the chances are he'll be fine, but believing that almost seems to be tempting fate.

*is crossing everything*
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