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Amazon are surprisingly efficient AND Moffat and the iffy euphemisms

~ Two days after asking for my replacement camera it has arrived and so far so good. Now I can connect it up to the PC, stick the card in it and get my Disney photos off of there. I do have a card reader but it is somewhat temperamental. Fingers crossed this camera keeps working because it is great when it does and I don't want to have to pick another.

~ I don't want to be too optimistic in case I give myself false hope but I think George's lump is going down. It still feels around the same diameter but it feels more squishy and less pronounced to me. Hopefully the vet will agree on Tuesday and it'll just be more anitbiotics. He said it may need two lots.

~ Spent the last day and a bit making hair for lil dolls. This is my least favourite part because it means threading on about 60 individual strands of wool  per doll and then unravelling each one before filling in any bald spots.

~ Doctor Who- Wow that was fabulous. I don't know if it's because people who'd seen it said was good but not excellent and hence there was less hype but that's one of the most satisfying episodes of the show I've seen. It just all seemed brilliant and right. Mels regenerating really did gob smack me because I didn't expect her too be Melody (thought the name was too obvious!), the ultra polite killer jellyfish were one of the many things that made me laugh, Matt Smith was superb, Amy and Rory were perfect, River was awesome (and had clearly seen Terminator). Also Moffat inadvertedly came up with the most iffy sound euphemism ever with 'I'm going to put Hitlet in the closet'.

~ I've hacked and slashed together my own Zumba workout from the routines I actually liked. Let's see if this is any good.
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