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Victory is mine!

 So today, me and Heidi (bro's gf) went to get carpet for their house. I stood there looking very official with a pen and paper, doing maths and we ended up with a very good deal. Clearly standing there looking like you can add is the way to go :D

This evening me, the bro, Heidi, bro's bf Craig, his gf and bro's work mate Andy went to the pub quiz in one of our pretty locals. Sixty questions, completely music based. Two rounds of general music knowledge, two of anagrams, one identifying caricatures and one on intros. We got 58 1/2 out of 60 which is pretty damn awesome (i rocked the intros round) and we were joint 1st with another team.

We sent Craig out to do the tie breaker and he won it.


Although it may have been a bit fortunate since he won it on an Iron Maiden question. Whilst wearing an Iron Maiden tee shirt. And our team name was '665 - The Neighbour of the Beast'. Still, we won £30 between us and felt very smart.

Off to Disney tomorrow for a three day break. So I haven't forgotten/been too lazy to post again, I'm just very busy hanging out with Mickey and Co. :)
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