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Drive-by posting...

So what have I done in the last seven days:

~ Went out with la_esmerelda  and gnimaerd  including the hilarity of random drunk blokes chatty to us, some guy who loved his balloon and one of our number walking into a window slapstick style. There was also the consumption of bubble tea and cheap pizza served by a ninja pizza lady. And I ended up with some Lush foot cream and my feet are officially in love.

~ Stayed up to ridiculous hours finishing my rough draft for paperlegends . I feel almost accomplished and it's better than I thought it would be. However this does continue the trend of me being more productive between 11pm and 2am. WHY BRAIN, WHY?!

~ Got all sentimental over the Harry Potter stuff. *sniffs*

~ Booked a trip to take my bro to Disney for his birthday since he was saying how much he loved that holiday.

~ Decided to marry kgaleway  - I get any awesome dragon panties she makes, she gets dual citizenship. WIN WIN!

~ Bemoaned the fact the Hummingbird Bakery cruelly have a cake book out.

Tomorrow it's LFCC with Karen Gillan. I hope not to buy everything there.
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