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Excellent weekend in London with flipbfc , __kali__  and steviesun  (amongst others we met up with)...

- Went to an awesome Middle Eastern restaurant. Had lots of 'stuff' (one of those meals with many dishes). Saw an amazing belly dancer. Seriously, I had no idea how that woman moved her hips and boobs like that.

- In a similar topic, saw Glee Live and 'OMG BRITTANY/HEATHER!' Damn that girl can move! Seriously amazing dancer. Amber has the best voice of the lot by a long way imo, Chris was fun and Darren isn't as good a singer as the fangirls had me believing. I also brought a tee shirt of high appropriateness:

- Whilst waiting for Glee (chronological order? what's that?) we went to Greenwich and stood on the free part of the line. Because, you know, why pay? We also went in Ye Olde Sweete Shoppe (they used a lot of e's back then, didn't they?)

- On Sunday we went to the Doctor Who Experience. It's taken the old exhibition but made a great new interactive show out of it where you go through sets, walk onto the TARDIS, help land it, get caught by the Daleks, hurry past the Weeping Angels and save the Doctor. With obligatory 3D. Really good stuff and Matt Smith is adorable as always. Afterwards you get to walk around, have a look at the old TARDIS set, go 'ooo' at various monsters, learn how to walk like a cyberman/scarecrow and, if you're me, squee at costumes and make a Dalek say 'FLUFFY'. I brought a Adipose stress figure. He's called Nigel and is now on my desk in work. Also I have a picture of this guy but don't remember seeing him...

- We went to Hamleys, looked at bears, went upstairs and I cooed over the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings merchandise. I want on all the wands and little swords. Also went in Schuh and managed to get a pair of boots I've coveted for ages. The buckles undo and they're this lovely soft leather and REALLY wide at the top. So you can make them tighter or looser depending on what you're wearing with them. They also only have a baby heel and considering how achey my previously trampled big toe is still...

- flipbfc  and I went to test out the third bubble tea place I know of. I rank this one second. I highly recommend Lycee Mint Tea though. And I introduced her to Hummingbird Bakery. I think there were some murmurings of hate. Although all was forgot once we were sitting in the hotel bar, drinking Corona and cooling our aching feet on their stone tile floor.

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