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So writing type people...How do you do it?

I was chatting to a fellow writing type person the other day and tonight I was having a ponder in the shower - where all the best ponders take place.

How do you go about writing something?

I had a particularly productive writing day today and I noticed something. Although I've - thankfully! - got much better at this whole writing lark since I was sixteen, the process I use really hasn't changed. I write a plot outline for the entire story first. Then I expand this and turn it into a very bare bones version of the first chapter with all the dialogue and the main emotions/thoughts/feeling. A day or so later I go back and read that again, adding in more detail and anything I think needs further expansion or if I think there's a theme or plot point I want to carry across which I haven't made clear enough. Then I start writing chapter 2. Whilst I'm expanding chapter 2, I go back and read the previous one out loud, checking for flow and coherence. And so on and so on. In fact, by the end I could have read the first part dozens of time. And I'm probably still not happy with it.

Is everyone as anal as me? Do you write all your dialogue first and fill in? Do you write the whole thing in draft and then go back? I'm intrigued if this is just the way it's done or if people use other methods...

If you don't write, please discuss this question instead (which we used to amuse ourselves during the grand prix delay) - do sheep get heavier when it rains?
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