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Went into London (again!) to see PotC4 with flipbfc . I think having gone into it with incredibly low expectations helped because I actually rather enjoyed it. It was a bit weird to have a different story and setting with only 3 of the old characters and that took some getting used to. Still there were some good laughs, some audacious Jack Sparrow moments and some great set pieces. The romance between the 'nice guy' and the mermaid was completely surplus to requirements tbh but it didn't detract from he main plot and the mermaid stuff they had was rather cool so...

I also got to have Chunky Monkey ice cream, I brought some lovely scarves in Camden and we found Cyber Candy where they had GIANT POCKY!!!!

Whilst in Gap I managed to find a top with a built in sports bra and now I look like a workout pro :D

See? Don't I look like I know what I'm doing!

Also, I randomly realised today that my hair seems to be getting really rather long...

Clearly I am planning on having a Lara Croft style epic plait.

Tags: film: pirates 4, rl: friends, rl: someone remove my credit card
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