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Numfar! Do the dance of joy!

Or: I love it when I plan comes together

Or: Screw you Sony!

The PS3 is alive! Which clearly calls for this gif...

The method from the dude of YouTube? Completely works! Cue me and dad going :O and 'no way!' and *high fives*. Being the electrically minded sort dad understood the principle but wasn't convinced it'd work.

And, tbh, it may happen again sooner or later. But we've fitted a fan near it to draw the hot air away and I have backed up all the save games on it and got the disc out. If it goes, it goes. The repair only cost us £10. So far it has be tested with Lego!Jack Sparrow's flailing (which surely uses a lot of processing power, right?) and all is fine.

A far cooler (ooo! a pun!) piece of electronics I got today was this:

'But that's not electronics', I hear you puzzle. 'That's clearly just a little ninja!'

Ah but...

Yeah, it's a ninja USB drive. My files feel REALLY protected now.
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