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Doing proper holidays type stuff...

So yesterday I went into London to meet up with teaspice  for long promised cocktails. We toddled off to Camden first (because midday is too early to start cocktails and it was nice and sunny), tried on some clothes, had aching dilemmas over food (Mexican) in the end and said 'ooo pretty' at a lot of things.

We also paid some woman to draw on us so my arm now looks something like this:

I had mine done with a darker dyed brown henna so could wash it off as soon as it was dry but my dear companion had to have natural and so walked around Cameden with her design going gradually more scabby until she washed it off in the sink like little chocolate flakes. Which was oddly amusing and a little gross at the same time.

That photo was taken whilst waiting for these...

Which was some awesome drink with these flavoured little pods in it (the frog spawn looking type things). Mine was passion fruit with mango pods. The other one was some kind of fruity tea. The reason for the giant straws soon became clear when you sucked up a pod. For some reason this was also hilarious.

Then we toddled off to Covent Garden for drinks and I had a lychee martini which was perfect (the perfume-ness of the lychee off-sets the sharpness of the martini me thinks). And a few more cocktails. Maybe. There was much giggling and girlie squee talk which was awesome.

Today I went flying with dad (he has a private pilot's licence before that sounds like some sort of drug reference!). We flew our way down to Goodwood with me making a reasonable job of map reading and pointing at all the less obvious instruments on the plane going 'what's that for?'. They were having a track day at the circuit so we lazed around there and watched some very dull men showing off their machinery (yes, I love a good Blackadder paraphrase). Much respect for the Lotus Exige which whipped all butts.
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