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Kapow made me like Merlin more again...

Okay so I still find JCapps and his attitude to female characters questionable, but he did say the right things at the panel today. He definitely seems to think that there's some morally grey and complexity in Morgana and we're being a bit screwed over by what is being cut out due to time. Also he loved Morgause/Emilia - she was only originally meant to be a one ep character and then they were going to kill her off mid way through series 3 but.... :D Apparently we're going to find out more about her backstory next series which makes me so happy. (Also, I so asked the question about that for the benefit of sweetveritas  and myself :D)

As for the con itself - gnimaerd  and I were the start of the Merlin signing queue so no complaints there (although the people at the back would have not been so complimentary me thinks since they really didn't have time to sign that much). Katie and Angel loved my little crochet dolls of them - Katie literally squeed and made grabby hands and I got a picture of the pair of them with the dolls. I'll post that when I actually can get it off my phone. Also Katie does tapestry which I respect so much.

Bradley was his usual sarcastic self but he was good fun as always (he recognised us since we tweeted him a picture of us as the start of the queue). Colin was quiet which is pretty much all I ever have to say about Colin!

No massive spoilers from the panel - Morgause is back, Igraine's brother is going to turn up (the mysterious uncle) so that story will be touched upon again and it is set a year after the end of series 3.

All in all, less crazy fangirls and smaller event made for a far less stressful day.
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