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Lil!Merlin - part 1....

So I've been busy on the craft thing again. In fact, this has been an ongoing project pretty much for months. I bring you the first in a series of lil!Merlin.

Of course I started with my girl...

I started with a simple outfit of hers - the green dress from Fires of Idirsholas since the only embellishments were the green sparklies around the neckline and the belt. Added to it the green cloak too with its chain/clasp.

I want to have a go at some of her other outfits once I get more pictures. Fabric paints are the most handy thing ever I have found.

She will, of course, be coming with me to meet the full sized one this weekend :D

Next it's on to Gwen and the Morgause. After that I'll tackle the boys and their difficulty - how the hell you do boy hair!
Tags: craft: crochet, fandom: merlin
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