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See Merlin fandom? This is why you're not allowed nice things...

Now the parts of Merlin fandom I hang out in are all lovely and sane. Unfortunately there are other areas that are just...not.

This is why Bradley James arriving on Twitter was a slow mo car crash waiting to happen.

He answers a simple fan question and the excrement collides with the spinning thing...

So Bradley says episode 3x10 isn't his favourite and clearly gets a load of crazy Tweets. Charming. I can't even look them up for fear of giving myself concussion with the headesk. (Apparently it's a lot of shipping wank about the fact that Bradley clearly hates A/G).

Personally I'm not surprised by this opinion - he really has never been much into the romance stuff. He prefers the action (he's such a boy!). But for him to have to turn round and tell people to basically stfu is rather sad. If somewhat predictable.

This is why actors don't want to meet the fans people!
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