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Yeah, I still want a minion...

So it's half term and therefore I thought I'd better do something.

On Monday, me, the bro and a couple of his mates went to see Black Label Society - very big, very hairy American rockers. We were sitting right in the front of the circle which meant we could admire the moshpit without getting squished and I could actually see the stage.

Very loud, very rocking \o/

In slightly less interesting news, I got new front tyres for my car (ooo grippy) and it passed its MOT with just a couple of advisories. Which for an 11 year old car is pretty damn good.

Finally, I brought Despicable Me on DVD and it brings up an important question - who is more cute, the three little girls or the minions?

Tags: film: despicable me, rl: car, rl: gigs
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