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Christmas cards are all written and go in the post tomorrow morning, so if you asked for one, it's on its way. Hope Royal Fail can pull their finger out and deliver them on time - they are going 1st class. And with awesome Wallace and Gromit stamps.

Whilst writing these cards I seem to have got the glitter EVERYWHERE. most 'excitingly' over my black keyboard. I now have the shiniest, sparkliest keyboard EVA. I'm not sure if this is a good thing but it is festive.

Best news today?


When you reach the top of the pay scale in teaching, you have to apply to go on the upper pay scale by proving what you've done around school. Essentially, you have to do the job of an upper scale teacher for two years before you really get paid for it. Anyway, my application has been approved by the head and Governors and that means an extra £2700 for me this year which is very nice indeed. It's also going to be back dated to September so the next pay cheque will be pretty.

Also, a lot of people applied but according to my colleague who was also successful, most didn't get it.

It's official: I DO GOOD STUFF!
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