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I am ruling this Christmas lark...

Okay, not really. But I am far more organised than last year. And much more in the mood for it considering I am far, far last stressed than I was this time last year.

Me and the bro put the Christmas tree up on Sunday and it looks rather awesome even if I say so myself:

The blue LEDs are WAY blue though. Which is rather annoying since the tree is decorated in red and gold.

We've managed to use noise aversion to persuade George that the tree is not food. He's already been up on his haunches trying to nibble it. Fred is clearly a far smarter guinea pig because he's so not interested. If you say a grave sounding 'no' to George, he does stop what he's doing, but banging a couple of coasters sharply together every time he's gone near it has been far more effective. See? Piggles can be trained! Sort of...

I've already sent off my international cards (hope Royal Fail manages to get them there!). I've bought ones for Mum, Dad, Bro and Heidi. Written out all the ones for my form and put a candy cane in each one. I was going to do the others to post tonight but I don't really have time so that's a job for tomorrow.

I've got gifts for Dad, Bro, Heidi, Mum and my secret santa as set up by morbid_sparks . Went out and got stuff today for my Head of Department, his kids and my other colleague. Still need to get something else for mum and the secret santa but since I've only got time to pop to the shops after work at the mo I'm having to do these things in runs.

I also need to write my Sanctuary secret santa fic and something for someone else as a gift which I can't mention because I might read about it :D



Although I will miss Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol and The Apprentice Final. Clearly I'll spend my first day back catching up.

Just need to watch Muppet Christmas Carol now and I'm all done :D
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