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The Good. The Irritating and the Chilly

The Good:

~ I did my BP for the first time in months. My BP is a great source of anxiety for me since a high BP reading started off a load of medical worry for me in the first place and led to me being diagnosed with cysts on the kidney (which are thankfully tiny and causing no problems, may never do so but do mean I have to treat my kidneys nice and hence keep low BP). Last time I was getting around 135/85 which is on the high side of okay. This time I got 113/69. You know what, all that exercise stuff really works, doesn't it? Now if only I could get a decent reading in a doctor's surgery...

~ Talking of fitness, the new EA Sports Active game is most welcome. They've definitely made some improvements. You don't have to hold the damn remote all the time for a start. And there's a better balance of stuff, not just hundreds of squats. This came out at just the right time because I'd got quite bored of the other two. By the time I finish the two nine week challenges on this (medium and hard level although maybe medium is even too easy for me now which would be a shocker considering my cardio fitness in the past few years!), I can happily go back to the other two games.

~ Toy Story 3 came out. That is one seriously awesome film. And the end even made my dad get teary-eyed so I don't feel like such a great big girl's blouse now.

~ I've been paid and am going shopping on Sunday. I need some new leggings (that actually stay up) and I really would like some cardi style boots to keep my poor feet warm.

The Irritating

~ Mostly on parents evening you only make appointments with the kids you've got to say aren't doing as well as they should and the majority of the time the parents are very supportive. There's always a few exceptions though. Like one kid in Year 11 who has a brilliant eye for design but is so far behind with finishing stuff because getting him to do anything is like the proverbial blood and stone. Seriously, without me standing behind him prodding him the entire time, he does NOTHING. Which is annoying because he could easily get an A. I pointed this out to parents and said it honestly comes across like he really isn't bothered if he passes or not. He says that isn't the case, it's because he doesn't understand. Arsey Mum asks me what I'm doing about that. What I do when he says he doesn't understand it. I say I tell him to go and read the brief or ask if he could have a look at a mate's work to get the right idea. Apparently that's not good enough. Now, what I should say at this point is 'well, if your boy is so damn stupid that he can't read and comprehend simple requirements for a leaflet then how the hell did he ever get into a selective school?' Being a professional, I point out to her that I cannot tell him what to do because this is coursework and it constitutes cheating. But, of course, it's my fault because I'm a bad teacher. Not that her son is a lazy little wotsit who is doing poorly in most of his subjects, no....

The Cold

~ OMG WHY SO COLD?! -4C wind chill? Seriously world, ME NO LIKE!
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