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At risk of being a weight loss bore...

A few weeks ago I met my major weight loss goal to get down to the biggest weight I am happy at. This still has me technically a couple of pounds overweight according to BMI but that's not too bad. The scary part is, in the past, that has always been my plateau. So that I didn't fret about it though, I decided to set a size goal next instead. According to the River Island dress size measurements, I am a size 10 up top and a 14 down the bottom. This can be problematic, particularly when trying to get trousers that fit - they fit my hips but gap massively at my waist. So I want to get down to a size 12 hip measurement. This means losing another 2inch from there. I've already lost 2.75inches. So my first goal is to get below the 40inch mark. I definitely carry the majority of my weight around my hips - that's just the way my body shape is so this would be a massive achievement. I've changed my work out to hip and thigh yoga stuff for the toning and mixing it with jogging, kick ups and squats. Fingers crossed it pays off. Also, I did sneakily weigh myself today to check I was maintaining healthily and I had actually lost another pound which was encouraging.

Two important things - I feel healthier AND I don't feel ashamed of how I look. Just to compare...

That's me in May

And that's me now...

Now even I can see the difference there...

In other news...

~ My car was frozen INSIDE this morning. Thank goodness for the gloves kharma2815  made me. Double gloveage in the way to go.

~ I have many ideas for writing including epic Merlin re-write for if Gorlois knew about Morgana's heritage, Vivian and Igraine were sisters and stealth Morgana arrives in Camelot years later as Uther's illegitimate daughter on a secret mission from Morgause. I also have a couple of Sanctuary pieces. Oh and I have GOT to write my merlin_holidays fic.

~ I am apparently the only person who hasn't seen the Cola trucks Christmas ad :(
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