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You sung great 4 part harmonies and I spent all night looking up your trousers

Went to see Jersey Boys on Saturday night for etmuse 's birthday, along with kharma2815 ,pinkfairy727  and etmuse 's sister.

A lovely meal in TGIs which included pinkfairy727  ordering a mystery cocktail that turned out to be highly alcoholic. We also felt rather smug because other people were having to wait 40mins but they just happened to have a table for five ready. Woot!

I also realised how much I've reduced my capacity to eat. Had a couple of bits off the starter platter and from my main I had the steak (smallest one they do) and few of the chips and some of the salad. I could NOT have eaten another mouthful. Mum is always accusing me of starving myself but I'm really not - that is literally as much as I can eat. It is kind of embarrassing though when you can't finish a main meal and everyone else can. I feel as though I look like some prat who is starving herself and it's a bit :(

On more pleasant things, the show? Absolutely blooming loved it! They tell the story separated into four seasons (wondering how they came up with that? :D) and each one has a different member of the group telling it. It's very much an overview, but the way they work it you never feel like you've missed out on anything. Smart writing. The music is brilliant - definitely one where you go 'wow, I didn't realise they sang that!' over and over. The singing was really awesome - there needs to be a London cast recording because I genuinely think these guys are better than the Broadway lot. Also the guy playing Nick looks like he could be the younger, taller and broader brother of Jonathon Young from Sanctuary which confused me greatly.

We were sitting right in the front row; great atmosphere, slightly restricted view. Several slightly embarrassing moments when I look up and have one of the guys look straight at me. I spend a lot of time looking up their trousers without really having a choice about it.
Tags: theatre/shows
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