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Correct punishment for blatant plaigarism? Interweb smack down!

I don't normally re-post interwebs wank but this was just too precious to ignore.

So, the gist of it is a young lady wrote a piece and posted it on her own privately hosted blog some time ago. Recently a friend asked her how she managed to get it published in a magazine, her response to which was 'huh?'. Said magazine, Cooks Source, had taken her article and published it without asking her. She got in contact with the editor who asked her what she wanted - an apology and a donation to a school of journalism.

Editor basically told her to go jump.

No, better than that. Editor told her that the web is public domain and therefore copyright meant nothing. She should think herself lucky that they didn't take her article and claim someone else wrote it. In fact, since they made some corrections for her she should be grateful to them and should pay them for the editing job they did.


Of course, being the interwebs, this story got around pretty quickly and the interweb responded in the only way it knew how - snark. Some of the comments posted on the magazine's Facebook are priceless. Apparently their Twitter and website haven't fared much better. And now it seems she's been nicking stuff from other people (including celebs and Disney) and it appears that at this point a holy deity would be more useful to her than a lawyer.

You can read more about the whole saga here
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