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I have clearly angered the gods of mild irritations

~ I have angered a nerve in my right hand side somewhere which means I've got discomfort and pins and needles all the way across my shoulder blade and down that arm. The worst thing for it is using the PC but I can't exactly avoid that completely with my job.

~ It took me three days to book a trip to Disney for xmas because their website told me the payment hadn't been authorised when it actually had and me trying again left to my credit card being blocked. Much irritating hassle but it is now all sorted.

~ My eyes dried out really badly in our aircon today and I didn't have any eye drops on me. This made my contact lenses go all crappy and I spent the entire day looking through a light fog.

~ I have my merlin_holidays fic all planned, but I am just too tired during the week to do any meaningful writing.

~ The alarm on my phone has gone all screwy since the clocks changed. The one I have set up for my pill reminder works fine, the one to get me up in the morning insists upon going off an hour later than I set it. Even if I delete the alarm and reset it from scratch. WTF?
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