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10 October 2010 @ 05:46 pm
Merlin brought the epic. And it was good.  
Last night's Merlin was full of flail-y goodness.

Morgana - Oh Morgana, you break my heart so much. She so wanted Uther to tell her the truth, to embrace her as a daughter. There was such hope there - hope that she'd been wrong about him and that she could truly trust him with her life and when he didn't...Utterly devastated. And, as always, her emotions get the better of her. There's such a stark contrast between her and Morgause who is totally the calm warrior. Morgana is thoroughly ruled by her heart and that's both her great strength and her great weakness, leading her to brave and terrible things. I'm glad they've kept her sympathetic though - you may not agree with her methods but you can understand how she got there.

Morgana/Morgause - These two are the shippiest people on the show. FACT. Morgana's face totally lighting up when she got Morgause's message to meet her, Morgause breaking into the castle to see if she's okay, the pain on Morgana's face when she knows she can't promise Morgause that she'll be rational, the way she tells her to leave before she's caught even though Morgause really doesn't want to leave her alone...Oh girls, I love you so much *squishes*

Merlin - They're really going for the 'AND IT'S ALL MERLIN'S FAULT!' angle, aren't they? Okay, it pretty much is in the legend but they've been at such pains to make him a good boy regardless of what he does so far it was refreshing to see his slight hubris (oxymoron!) come back to bite him in the arse in this episode. I still want to see more - particularly him pondering whether he should protect Uther and admitting that he had a part to play in where Morgana has gone due to keeping her in the dark. I love this boy a lot more when he's all tragic like this.

Other bits:

- Uther, you slept with your best mate's wife?! You're one classy SOB, aren't you? I really wouldn't be surprised if we find out he used magic to make himself look like Gorlois at some point. Also, that was some brilliant hypocrisy; 'magic is evil and everyone who even thinks about using it must die whether they're guilty of anything bad or not. Expect if I want to use it for something.'. I love ASH but Uther really is a despicable man no matter how much he loves his kids.

- Arthur. So precious! Hugging Gwen, thinking that girls want pretty weaponry as presents (so him!), being all emo and sad over Morgana... I really am intrigued where they go with the brother/sister relationship now! Because if he finds out, I can very much see him feeling even more protective over her and rather guilty about the fact she's been lied to and hidden away like a dirty little secret.

Thinking about Morgana's future, how the character is supposed to descend to naughtiness and then eventually reconcile with Camelot and help transport Arthur to Avalon, I can see Mordred's terrible influence playing a big part in that. Morgause keeps her calm and tries to warn her against her emotions. She wants Morgana safe. Mordred would totally use her for his own means. And he has some scary hold over her. I'd love to see a future whereby Morgause and Merlin work together in an uneasy truce to save Morgana from the creepy little wotsit. Then the two girls set about rekindling the old religion, training new priestesses etc which Arthur's Camelot is totally fine with, whilst Mordred heads towards his murderous destiny.

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Lauratavella on October 10th, 2010 09:23 pm (UTC)
I disagree on Mordred, obviously, given that I'm on his side at this, but oh yes on Uther being dispicable at this point, I ranted on hermette's journal about that. I do not understand why they think we will care about Uther at all, given that he's vile on both a personal and political level. Daddy loves his kids is not enough.
doylefan22: Merlin - Morgana - sideways glancedoylefan22 on October 10th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, I think Mordred has his reasons too most certainly. But I can also see him, from how they've portrayed him so far, turning out to be a vindictive little sh*t. Far beyond Morgana wanting to kill Uther I think he'd be on the whole 'enslave everyone who isn't magic and kill those who resist' party.

I kind of see it as Morgause is the most reasonable face of the magical resistance, treating it like a just war. Mordred will end up being their side's Uther. And Morgana will be stuck half way between the two with her emotions making her act terribly rashly. The influence he has over her is frankly a bit scary!

In my head, I still see them going for the Mallory end game - Mordred kills Arthur and Morgana, who is reconciled with him, takes him to Avalon with the rest of the priestesses (Morgause included?). In a way I rather hope that they keep Mordred as the big villain and Morgana as the grey area because I love her character too much for them to screw her up!
faith_less_one: Warriorfaith_less_one on October 10th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
'magic is evil and everyone who even thinks about using it must die whether they're guilty of anything bad or not. Expect if I want to use it for something.'

Totally!! I just loved the bit when he was telling Gaius to do "anything". You could just see that Gaius was all "Hypocrite much?"