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Can you feel the love?

There's a anonymous love meme going on and someone lovely, presumably springinstep  set up a thread for me. Go, see if your fandom friends are there, add them and spread the love :)

I had to go to London today for a course. I useful course which was good. Even better I went in Oasis and there was a sale! Total win indeed. Oasis suits me because it's clothes have that slightly feminine edge that I miss in places like Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. I may supply photos tomorrow when I've had much sleep.

And when I've got back from Junior Prize Giving tomorrow evening. Not how I want to spend part of my evening really but new!Head has set things up so instead of one Prize Giving from 6-9pm, we have two mini ones from 4:30-6pm which suits me much better tbh.
Tags: fandom, rl: someone remove my credit card, rl: work
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