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I am a fandom anomaly. Er...yay?

~ I've signed up for merlin_holidays  and this has demonstrated why I am such a minority in this fandom; I don't really enjoy slash of the m/m variety and I don't particularly like modern AUs. Out of the 50 people who signed up, I can actually find about 4 they could have me write for or have write for me! Two of them are already on my f-list :D

I've said before that my lack of interest in m/m slash is because I like female characters too much and if they're not there, I'm not interested. Not liking modern AUs? I don't know really. Sometimes I think it's a way of people having to avoid the difficulties the period setting provides which I find a bit cheap (people saying they can't write fic set in the canon verse is just odd to me!). But I love the verse we have tbh and don't think changing it to modern times adds anything.

~Talking of writing, posting a piece of proper fic for the first time in ages has given me thinky writing thoughts about who and what I am as a writer and how to be happy with that and still make progress. But I'll put that in a coherent form tomorrow.

~ Merlin's ratings continue to be excellent which pleases me.

~ I'm off to London tomorrow for a course. The positives of this are the awesome lunches we get at this place (swordfish last time!) and they fact I'll have time to visit John Lewis for craft supplies and Oasis for pretty clothes that I covet.

~ I realised today that with a 28inch waist I met my waist size goal (lost 4 inches!) so I need a new goal. Maybe another inch.

~ I've been watching the film version of Les Mis and now I desperately want to see the show.
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