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Me and the dreaded weight loss...The ongoing saga

I tend to deal with weight loss by setting myself mini goals. Times by when I want to have lost certain amount. The last goal was BFI and I met that. The next is Expo. I want to be down to 143lbs which is the absolute MAXIMUM I want to weigh ever again. That puts me just right at the upper limit of healthy.

I thought I'd been a bit lazy in the last week and not done much but when I weighed myself I found that, again, this week I'd lost 3lbs. I'm now 6lbs off my next target. Which is both reassuring and a little bit scary. Also means I've lost over a stone now which sounds good in my head at least.

I'm still struggling to see much of a difference in my before and after photos tbh, but I have terrible problems seeing me how I really am so...

Measurements wise, I know I'm smaller. My waist in particular - I've lost 4inch off it and am now down to 28inch. Just wish it would come off my bum and hips more!

The mini-trampoline will help with that and it is a lot of fun to use, but BLIMEY does it make your hips hurt the next day. Getting up for me is a bad thing right now.

So, in summary, I am hovering somewhere round 'cautiously optimistic'.
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