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Excuse me whilst I be positive for a moment...

~ I got my cosplay dress through the post today. Good old House of Fraser ftw. And, even better, if fits well...

This isn't the entire outfit but I have nearly all the stuff. Now I just need to decide what to wear on my legs bearing in mind the shoes have those ankle straps.

~ I actually brought my Expo ticket which is extremely organised of me, I think.

~ There was epic Merlin wank on Tumblr when some excuse for a woman called Gwen a slut for daring to have another man interested in her and smiling at him. The fandom response was unsurprisingly not pleased (gnimaerd's reply refuted it more eloquently than I could) and then her fight back caused massive lols because it was so stupid. Do you know that you can't possibly be racist if you study foreign languages (leading to me wanting to make a GIF that states 'I'M NOT RACIST! I'M STUDYING WELSH!'

~ SPN is back tonight!

~ I got a lovely signed pic of Chuck from SPN thank you to the equally lovely morbid_sparks .

~ I brought myself a trampette. OMG, IT MAKES EXERCISE FUN! I can happily bounce whilst watching TV which is always good.

~ I'm seriously looking at doing some further study. Possibly in the classics because that's always really interested me. I've been considering it for a while but shantirosa  has given me a kick up the arse. In a nice way.
Tags: cons: cosplay, cons: expo, fandom: merlin, fandom: supernatural, rl: fitness
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