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Baby meta...

Okay so there's a new promo picture out for episode 3x04 of Merlin which I'm putting under a cut in case people consider it a spoiler and are trying to stay 'clean'...

Okay so for the good side:

~ Gwen! Holy crap! She does exist! Was beginning to think she was a figment of my imagination.
~ Gwen so pretty!
~ Gwen/Gwaine so pretty! How can you not be tempted to ship that with all the smiley happy cute going on there?

The stuff that irks/worries me:

~ I fear this will provide the Gwen haters more ammunition. They already seem to think she's a ho for having Arthur and Lancelot fancy her, if there's even a hint that she enjoys Gwaine's attentions...Ugh...It will be epic wank.

~ We don't see Gwen in a promo until episode 4. When they do finally release one, what's it showing? Her relationship with a man...FFS, don't these people think? Is that ALL she is to the series? I am certainly not some rampant feminist but it really bugs me how badly this show portrays women. How the good and kind female character, the one we're apparently supposed to aspire to, is entirely seen from the pov of the relationship with the men in her life. How about showing us something do with how Arthur sees the qualities in her that make her a good queen? But no. They decided to release the promo pic with her and the man...
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