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A shiny new level of incompetence

I need an icon of Morgause with an axe. Then I need to borrow her axe.

Some of you may remember my complaints about my useless trainee. How he was generally drippy, didn't have enough subject knowledge, enough organisation or enough will to actually do the job.

Some of you may remember me grumbling that due to a timetabling mess up the school decided to hire him to cover the periods that we had no one to teach.

I want ALL of you to forget that so when I kill him tomorrow and bury the body in the grounds, no one can link it to me.

Okay, so some of the classes he has are ones we share - I teach them one week, he teaches them the other. For a start, he never volunteers communication. I'm always chasing him to find out what they've done and tell him what to cover for next lesson. Which, when I'm teaching a full timetable plus all the other stuff I do and he's only on 0.4 takes the pee. He seems utterly unwilling to do anything outside the lessons he's paid for. Yes, he's only paid for those lessons. But I'm not paid to work my lunch breaks, yet I work every single one. Working outside paid hours comes with the job. Also, he doesn't seem to think that he shouldn't have do things that the rest of us do. Like daily planning.

This has been bugging me for a few weeks. Today really pissed me off.

Setting up a database with Year 9. According to him, when I asked him, they'd set it up and just needed to import the data set and add new records. So I did a reminder at the start of the class. A few of a them said they hadn't finished. Two boys had been away and had no clue. So I told the rest to get the database set up - those who had finished could help - and I went through it from scratch with the two new boys. Then, once I'd finished, I showed the class how to import the data. Told them to tell me if they had any problems and I would come and help them figure out what was wrong. It didn't work for any of them apart from the two I'd taught. Looking at the database the others had done, I'd realised three things.

1 - They hadn't deleted the default ID field. This would mean when the text file for the data was imported, the name contents would try to go in this ID field and wouldn't work. Course this would mean they'd all be in the wrong fields...

2 - Some of the boys had written down the fields in the wrong order so, again, the imported data would go into the wrong fields and all would be screwed.

3. He hadn't told them that you always put the data type of telephone number as text. This is a fundamental of databases because, if you put it as a number field, it chops off the fist 0 (since numbers don't start with 0 obviously). Again, when they imported it, it would have all gone wrong.

Now this can only lead me to two conclusions. First, he hadn't actually tried to do this task before teaching it. Because if he had, he would have figured out the pitfalls and pointed them out to the pupils. Second, he wasn't going around checking their work and spot fixing mistakes.

So basically, I spent an entire lesson cleaning up his mess and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some very confused kids. The only two who said it was easier were the ones I taught myself.

Tomorrow, he is going to get a very large piece of my mind. This simply is not good enough. If he can't be arsed to do the job properly, he shouldn't be there, because this is their education and achievement that he's screwing up.
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